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  • (clearing throat more alertly) You don't have to guess how long I've been waiting for this excerpt.:

    Jigglypuff: (popping out of Team Rocket's destroyed machine)
    Mallow: Cutie!!!
    Lillie: Jigglypuff, live and in person!
    Lana: What is it holding?
    Ash: (gasping in instant dread) Is it that Jigglypuff?!
    Brock: THIS IS AWFUL!!!
    Misty: If it sings, you'll fall aslee--
    Jigglypuff: (singing)

    The musical contrast makes this even funnier, upon looking at it more closely. Anyway, Thanksgiving was fairly quiet for my fellow bronies, as I'd prefer. How are you?
    (sweatdropping) Uh, "Team Rainbow Rocket"? Really? Well, it can't be any worse than getting others to "Pokémon Go to the polls", as Hillary Clinton put it. Anyway, how's life treating you so far? Have you been able to watch My Little Pony: The Movie yet?
    Amourshipping will warrant its own points, especially given its (in)famous moment one year ago today, as I happened to learn for myself via Twitter. Serena struck me as being somewhat more self-uncertain, read impulsive, than Dawn, so the former might've thought she'd never see Ash after Kalos. You can guess just how thoroughly integrated Ash and Dawn worldwide and Clemont and Serena in Kalos will have become in my overarching scenario by the time Alola starts. For whatever it's worth, the kiss itself and the setup to it catapulted Serena ahead of May in my thinking for who besides Dawn would be the best girl for Ash. If you asked me to put together a sort of Poké-pairing pyramid, then Pearlshipping would be at the top, with Wishfulshipping, Geekchicshipping, and Admirationshipping (Drew/Brianna) directly below, and finally, Orangeshipping, Rocketshipping, Questshipping, and Visorshipping at the bottom.
    As the Mirage Kingdom's spymaster, Hansen would have just enough contacts waiting to bust him out when the time was right. It'll be a colossally bitter irony for this Team Skull: in trying to eviscerate the Aether Foundation's faith in its own mission, those criminals unleashed a greater threat to them, Alola, and the world from under their own noses than they could've ever accused Ash and Dawn of being. Consider it an instructive sequence based on what I recall from Hoenn. I've come to regard Advanceshipping as being more susceptible to tragedy than Pokéshipping, despite what "Misty's Song" portrays. It'd most likely happen if Hansen tried to exploit Ash and May's common journey for his own purposes.
    (looking around, then clearing throat) Right. The same could go for criminals originally from the other dissolved gangs. You can imagine how hard they'll try to stay under Ash and Dawn's radar until Lusamine goes berserk. For the record, these two trainers' other allies will have been helping this crackdown from their respective regions in the meantime. As for Alola itself, a certain Jigglypuff might prove to be the main daily nuisance for Lana, Lillie, Mallow, and even the newly-formed Team Skull. Needless to say, Hansen -- by virtue of his newfound position as this Team Skull's leader, making Guzma his second-in-command -- will want said Jigglypuff ejected from Alola altogether, so should it find Ash and Dawn and explain what happened, it'll have its own safe vendetta.
    (sweatdropping) Perhaps I should've emphasized "former". Looking from these criminals' perspective, their equipment, their livelihood, their home, their identity -- all of it is gone, piece by piece. By the time they get to Alola, they're quite safely out for blood, or put differently, in a sort of mentality of "us against the world", as exemplified by Ash and Dawn. Cosmog has a small but quite plucky group of fans behind it, to remind us of the bronies, who mourn the split between Celestia and Luna a millennium ago. As ponies tilted toward the former, the latter grew to resent her sister's prominence in her mind... until she vowed to claim the sky as her own and unleash eternal night. Luna was restored, thankfully, but it took her a different celebration to find a new place, as portrayed in an episode titled "Luna Eclipsed". This Sunday will have been exactly six years since that episode's worldwide premiere.
    Cosmog might be slightly different from what you've heard, based on... Celestia and Luna, the Princesses of the Sun and the Moon in Equestria. (See where I'm going with this?) As I've told my fellow bronies, I'm among those who didn't know these ponies were a thing until six years ago, but once I combined everything I'd studied and learned up to that point, there was no other choice I could make. To this day, I can think of no other franchise more tragically underrated, if you ask me. I'll tell you what: if you see a theater near where you are, buy a ticket to watch My Little Pony: The Movie, and tell me what you think once you're able. My fellow bronies cover a wide spectrum of differences, with comments from other countries, so I think you'll be in for quite a journey, step by step by step.
    Basically. Any more small-time miscreants, inside and outside Kalos, would've lain low until Ash and Dawn's crackdown started in earnest. The remnants are former members of Team Rocket all the way to Team Plasma who've eluded the dragnet until they arrived in Alola. In their minds, Ash and Dawn are done messing around, so the criminals bust Hansen out of the Mirage Kingdom's dungeons to lead them as part of their overall response, with help from any guards still loyal to him, all before they form Team Skull. They don't have a basic goal beyond pillaging Alola unchallenged, and they start by sabotaging the Aether Foundation as much as possible... which drives Lusamine berserk.
    My Little Pony: The Movie is the title, as succinct as the original, in more ways than one. It's been present in theaters in the United States for the past two weeks. I'm not sure if it's popped up anywhere in your country. The focus doesn't seem to be winning as much as being the right individuals or groups in the right place at the right time. These ponies have borne quite a bit of mockery for their comprehensive cuteness, it turns out, with the aforementioned avalanche accelerating after September 11, 2001, as noted by the author of that book with the societal warning, David Goldman. He writes for Asia Times Online under the pseudonym of "Spengler", and I can state with certainty that his columns have proven informative beyond anything I imagined.
    Interesting question about Lysandre. With Ghetsis and Giovanni's collision in Unova -- and their separate gangs' subsequent downfalls -- Kalos made an impeccable breather. Indeed, one of those aforementioned ponies was my first instinctive thought upon seeing Team Flare's routine... which now brings me to them. (smiling inwardly and alertly) Their sincerity in love, life, and creativity against this worldwide avalanche of nihilistic malice -- and subsequent insecurity -- has earned them a permanent spot of positivity in my memory. Their cartoon's title is beautifully simple: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A considerable chunk of this negativity as it unfolded throughout this past century belongs to Vladimir Putin and Osama bin Laden, by virtue of their respective leadership positions and overall prominence. Quite a few of my fellow bronies have depression or otherwise tragic backgrounds, which couldn't escape my attention. We recently had a cinematic premiere that I think best captures the ponies' main traits as they express themselves against said negativity.
    (clearing throat) The other older Pearlshippers are aware of my scenario, as it ends with Unova (and Kalos). Jessie, James, and Meowth ended up settling down with Christopher in Sinnoh and transforming his ramen shop chain into Rocket Ramen Restaurants... with some paperwork clearance from Ash and Dawn. The fact that these two have bonded so thoroughly probably sets Serena and Clemont up for their own romantic friendship across Kalos. Lysandre is nowhere with regard to Team Flare, with leadership falling to Malva, who made a secret deal with Kalos' police to bring those criminals down at the right time. Their (lack of) fashion taste constitutes a big enough crime in my estimation.
    As for Alola, that scenario starts with Ash and Dawn as Global Champion and Master Coordinator, respectively. Based on what they learned thus far, they declare a worldwide crackdown on remaining crime across the Pokémon world, with any remnants making their way there and setting themselves up as... Team Skull. If Lusamine sincerely wanted to help the good guys before, then Team Skull's false information will have ended up tilting her against any "intervention", if you will, in Alola. You can probably figure out the rest. It'll have been quite a revelation for these two trainers, all with that decisive tilt exactly six years ago this time in my memory... involving those pastel-colored, magic-wielding, friendship-seeking ponies. Are you familiar with them, by chance?
    My conclusive scenario originally held Unova as a cutoff, letting Cilan, Iris, Nate, Rosa, and N take the lead. Ghetsis' psychopathy had him ordering an amplified Dragon Pulse that wipes out the entirety of the Skyarrow Bridge in his first appearance to the group, enough to shock Giovanni into giving Butch, Cassidy, Pierce, and Dr. Zager a blank check in stopping Team Plasma while expanding Team Rocket's presence of their own accord. They ended up capturing Meloetta and those three cloud Pokémon to oppose Ghetsis' Kyurem. It turned out that Reshiram and Zekrom had already escaped and hidden themselves to wait for Ash and Dawn. These two trainers helped take both villainous groups down, seeing Ghetsis and Giovanni die in the process, and while Nate and Rosa started getting closer and exploring the world together, Cilan and Iris would've stayed behind to assist the cleanup.
    No need to worry, as Ash and Dawn might say. The background for my conclusive scenario starts around the last quarter of 2011, namely late September-early October. I'd just stumbled across a cartoon based on a toy franchise that I had no idea existed until that point in time, and my initial instinct upon looking more closely was that it could compete with Japan's monopoly on cuteness. I began to dive deeper into this cartoon's broader movement and figure out how best to place it. One of the things I ended up reading to that end was a book with a warning about certain major societies in this world. The information therein was enough to torpedo my faith in said societies, demanding a search for something completely new. Once I completed my overall view, I figured I had enough of an impetus to wrap things up with Ash and Dawn altogether. (I'll ask you about this cartoon once I finish typing this, so please bear with me.)
    Good evening from my humble corner of the world, new Pearlshipper. You might've seen my friend request. If you can believe it, it's been several years since I wrapped up my original conclusive scenario for Ash and Dawn, maybe as well as the Pokémon world altogether... in Unova, adding my thoughts with each new region. You'd be very surprised to learn just where my thoughts of these two trainers took me. How are you so far?
    Yeah! For some reason which I can't explain because I didn't do it before only the last year! Probably from my excitement! I'll try to control it if it bothers you guys!
    No problem!!!! Ah it's so awesome!!! I though that I was the only one here from Greece!!!
    It's really nice to meet you!!! If you don't mind to ask where are you from??? I'm from South Greece!!!
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