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  • your request has been made please pick up your broken banner at lunar subterrrane graphics and thanks for choosing my art shop :3
    your welcome and lol your daughter must want to play even though she is 1 :p but yeah I understand its night time to hunt ;) good luck on that second shiny bulba :3 yeah I remember that shiny Solosis :3 that was epic :3 also no I didn't know that congrats I only have shiny sylveon,and espeon that is it. I want to get all the evolutions shiny as well. I know you know I love my eevee and eeveelutions so it is a must XD
    thanks ^_^ and yeah I understand being a wife and mother is different from living as a normal daughter in mom:s house XD congrats on the marriage and the kid though :3 also yes I am I am shiny hunting for oddish which this weed is being stubborn >.> I hatched 9 boxes so far and nothing yet on my alpha sapphire. i hope I don't go over 1,000 eggs again like my klefki.
    yeah I understand it can be crazy sometimes with real life :3 I am glad to see your still around and yeah my banners have gotten alot better since the ones I made for the community hunts years ago with our old group XD congrats on the bulbasaur :3 I have one as well I hatched it under 200 eggs on alpha sapphire :3 oh I finally did a shiny soft reset and after a few thousands of soft rests on alpha sapphire I got a shiny lugia now ^_^ so happy :3 it makes up my frustration back in the day with shiny moltres o_o I need to change back to my shiny chart have to add my shiny goldeen to the bunch :3
    yeah true it has been easier the only problems though i have is move tutors :/ I competitive battle a bit now so its hard to fit in move tutors without rnging my stuff. I do rng but only for purposes of competitive play which i need move tutors on some pokemon but if i can just breed it on x and y i will just mm it...
    lol yeah i got alot of shinies and its great now x and y you can hatch better iv mons now :) I tend to hang over the guild section only now im trying to close up the art shop and trade shop...so far i got a shiny florges,swirlix,and scatterbug :p
    yea i was just explaining to you though that firered and leafgreen is harder sorry XD but anyway true...when i don't have time though its a great tool ;) like you said...thats cool that you got that shiny rattatta that is awesome also my artshop is still running good actually my shop is like mew shop now...one of the popular ones ;)
    actually reading the rng guide for 3rd gen and talking with some that rngs 3rd gen, 5th gen is way different to rng then 3rd but yeah it really nice to see them shine though ;) see on 5th gen you really on a thing called timer0 that flucuates sometimes your pid frames for your shiny. for 3rd gen r/s/e you have to rng when the battery is dry but they say its much easier to rng 3rd gen then 5th gen but still a shiny is a shiny congrats ;) there is no guide really yet to rng for firered and leafgreen is highly impossible to rng unless your a genuis. just 3rd gen rnging for r/s/e
    oh cool that actually is rare to find shinies in leafgreen and firered...since i rng i know that that its impossible to even rng that game shiny stuff so yeah your a very lucky gal its possible but rare...congrats ^_^ i did get a pidgey before in firered ;) and that sucks for you too..yeah i mostly still rng my stuff since i competitive battle since it is faster and i do like making them shiny for my liking...i only most do rng for competitive purposes really...i do like shiny hunting for fun on the free time if i ever get a chance -_- but thats great your doing good though and now on my computer so i can type faster and better now >.>
    Hey naka been awhile my friend ;) on my phone so can't type much but wanted to see how ir doing any awesome shiny hunts? I have been so busy still to shiny hunt anymore...
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