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  • So would I.... Wait! I don't have much time, and neither do you, so we could for a partnership like Mew_ and Sarah-! (For rt only, not real-live lol)
    I kept changing mah siggy! .. and water those? XD

    Say I hafta go school now. Takes me about an hour.. So idk if yer gonna be on that time, but cya! <3
    Yeah xD that's teh plan!
    I tried making UBs.. I suck xD but I made that one in mah siggeh. Atm I'm learning to do fragmentation banners - theyre popular!
    I've improved alot xD I got lotsa icons now haha!
    You do notice that lickie was Lyra wearing Elesa's clothes right? XD

    Well you cant look when it closed xP

    When ya do, can I work there for a bit to spice things up? :3
    I mean, I worked on Sweet May's shop for just a week but still got lotsa requesters xP
    Wow you're back? :eek:

    No, you wont! Just start fresh, thats all ^o^
    Im currently fixing my art shop so I can reopen it xD
    It took me 5 hrs fixing it and 2 freakin' hours on Sweet May's examples and forms xD

    *points at sig*
    <3 <3 <3

    Edit: ..damn I missed ye! --.
    Sorry that I kinda stalked you and AV xD
    Yeah, Mew is the 1st, I'm the 2nd and PP677 is the 3rd in the art shops.. You should be 1st nyaaaaa xD
    I know, I agree... but I am bitter to him and his girlfriend eversince I got right to fow overworlds, Mew_ decided to use the without permission from the person in dA, and I had the updated sheet, but she uses the old one and really pisses me off still when that happens. Although I agree she does a pretty good job.
    Hopefully you will! What is your new job that takes so much of your time? I'd think it's ad designing as your art was so good when your art shop was up. I'm not getting a lot of customers though as I keep being slow... Now the shop that basically does EVERYTHING is Mew_'s universe shop... Every day it's like page +2... The good 'ol days of many art shops.
    Are ya ever gonna reopen yer Art Shop, Naka-chan? :'C I miss yer artwork <3

    Plus, it's gonna be my birthday soon.... :( I want you to be here >_<
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