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  • Mama Naks I miss you we haven't talked recently but I saw your recent vid :3 You still have Kim? and I don't like Nuzlocke run anymore I found out what it was and I was devastated D:
    Oh. I haven't found any shinies in White yet. The only shiny I ever found was a Shiny Geodude in SoulSilver, which I have raised all the way up to Golem.
    oh see then maybe you wouldn't be interested in these then because you didn't work for them, huh?
    lol well thats a good question, but i saw you collected shinies so i thought maybe you might want them, I could always delete them but that seems like such a waste
    I was wondering if you would like to take some pokemon off my hands, see they were from a friend and having them kinda bothers me Idk if you'd be interested they are all nicknamed unfortunately...
    So would you want to admin a new incarnation? Please pm response, I'd like to discuss other forumish things if you say yes
    Hey Naka, I'm thinking about making a forum for WSH since Zabis forum deleted it. Would you want to be an admin?
    oh okay well ill see if you i can get you back though...im glad your doing well though...miss talking to thats why...anyway ill try to get that shiny thread back...
    naka gilgari is banned from serebii...well maybe if i can talk to the mods i can bring back my shiny thread...I do miss that thread : (..btw are you mad at me sweetie...I haven't heard from you in awhile everything alright over there?
    hiya naka...well im been really been going crazy haven't shiny hunted in awhile...well lets put it this way im gunna start a new hunt after i got my competive team is to lv.100...my shiny milotic is gunna kick some but in our first war...how you been holding up? new hunts or anything?
    Mama Naks :3 NL is doing the Headers so I'm left with banners you have the choice :3 Champion or Gym Leaders :3 I might do a Challengers banner if you'd wanna do that one instead :)
    Yo Mama Naks look its Kim ;3
    Esp now I hafta go through Cerulean in FR for a Meowth for the trade shop as my OT is PPLyra xD
    Haha how weird, noone's requesting in my shop its been like an hour
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