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Last Activity:
Jul 6, 2020 at 7:14 AM
May 28, 2011
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BC, Canada

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Trainer, from BC, Canada

nalhutta was last seen:
Jul 6, 2020 at 7:14 AM
    1. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      I have 2 questions I would like to ask you.

      How is it going with Munchlax, I now it is very unlikely that you got to that yet bit it can't hurt to ask?

      Could you check out my trade shop and let me now what you think of the new layout (mostly event 2nd post)? If you think I should change anything or add anything let me now, since I am sort of experimenting with a new layout that appears to be working pretty well.

      EDIT: I posted an offer on your trade shop.
    2. cillab99
      Have you still got volt tackle pichu's?
    3. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      I replied to the PM you sent me.
    4. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      Okay I replied to the PM you sent me. I also included a list as well.
    5. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      I am wondering if you could do me a huge favor. Since T-B0ne27 doesn't know when he will be able to trade. I am curious if I could trade you a few regular egg move Pokemon I have, so you could RNG me a shiny version of them with the egg move the original one had. Could you do that for me and I don't care about the IVs. I would greatly appreciate that, and if you would like anything from my shop I have no problem with that either.
    6. fusionzekrom
      PMed you on an offer for your 4th gen manaphy.
    7. janson360
      Posted on ur shop
    8. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      I posted a offer on your trade shop.
    9. H2K
      Thanks for the easy and successful trade =]
      I will see if i can get any of the other egg move pokemon you are after as well
    10. Leafylee
      Any chance you're still trading a regigigas?
    11. Grim Magma
      Grim Magma
      I have all of the dex fillers you need:Solrock, Crawdaunt, Armaldo, and Metagross. Instead of trading each for something, can I trade all of them for a shiny pokemon or something like that? Just wondering. If not, then I can just go by the rules thing that you listed.
    12. Grim Magma
      Grim Magma
      I can give you a untouched arceus for your shiny rayquaza. Along with the arceus I can also offer a shiny chancey, normal darkrai, and jirachi. All for the rayquaza.
    13. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      I posted a offer on your 4th generation trade shop.
    14. Ayvarn
      Awesome, thanks for those.
    15. Ayvarn
      Would you like to trade now?
    16. Ayvarn
      When we are both on at the same time we can trade latias/suicune and 2 manaphy eggs: 1 for your flawless scyther and 1 for your shiny riolu.

      My SS FC is 4942 6949 3916
    17. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      I replied to you on T-B0ne's and Lady Ariel's trade shop.
    18. Lady Ariel
      Lady Ariel
      I posted an offer on your 4th generation trade shop.
    19. Esppie
      i can get your eggmove pokemon and the items your wanting
    20. diesel135
      in a the room
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