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  • im ready to trade. platinum FC in my sig. i already have yours from a previous trade. i will be in the wifi room
    hey i was wondering if i could trade ya sumthing 4 a celebi.

    after i poketransferred my pkmn to my white, i left celebi, suicune, entei, and raikou for relocator. sadly i forgot and i started a new game!!!!!

    i've got a UT event legit jirachi so..... vm/pm me if u want that or sumthing else
    1. All Serebii rules apply.
    2. Currently mainly trading in Gen 4
    3. I do NOT accept or knowingly offer hacked pokémon! Legit pokémon only!
    4. I DO accept cloned pokémon.
    5. I DO accept RNG’d pokémon.
    6. If you would like to make a trade please PM with the subject being the pokémon you are offering.
    7. I DO clone pokemon so if you do not like clones do not trade with me.
    8. If you would like me to clone for you please PM me with your offer. I will only clone pokémon I have an interest in such as legendaries, shinies and event pokémon without classic or premier ribbons. If I accept your offer I will clone your pokémon and return your original and a clone to you. My fee is a clone for myself. When cloning there is always the risk of losing the pokémon (although I have never lost one to date). I assume no responsibility if that happens but I am willing to leave one of my available pokemon as collateral until your pokémon is returned.
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