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  • yo.ill give you the tms but no need to give me those events.all i ask is for a glameow and a shieldon.if you dont have those then i'll take whatever pokemon.just dont need those event pokemon. x.x
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    I don't care what you post here. So go crazy xD.
    Who's this nazi killer?
    And are you referring to ray236?
    I is curious, my friend.
    ^ I'm not sure what you mean here? ^
    no no no
    no pity don't worry...:)
    I just saw a user here I really really really don't like and he had more friends then me.../"
    so.....you can guess where I am going from here ^__^
    but you sounds nice. really no pity.
    Oh, lucky you! I just found out about Competitive battling... Early August or Late whatever month it was before that.

    Even though I have like 3 GameStops nearby me, I haven't been able to download the Pichu YET. The Arceus was TRU and the closest TRU is like 2 hours away since the one just 20 minutes away changed to BRU... >,<

    Well anyway, I got to go now because I got school tomorrow morning, see ya later!! ^^
    Same here! By the by, you wouldn't happen to have a Bold/Calm Cresselia and/or a Timid Shiny( or not ) Celebi would you? xD
    Teemahee~ >w< *hugz*
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