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Recent content by Naomi

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    Rika's Hand-Drawn Pokeshop~!

    Thank you very much. c: Do you mind if I use it to make a banner? I will definitely give you credit.
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    Rika's Hand-Drawn Pokeshop~!

    Could you perhaps draw me a little shiny drifloon, if it isn't too much trouble?
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    Just Gotta: Hand Drawn Pokémon Fan Comic

    Oddly enough, I had a feeling Bryan would turn out like that. :c
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    ***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***

    I have an odd request. >> I'm looking for someone to create an animated avatar of the dimensions 150x150 of my character and a shiny drifloon floating above their head. If anyone's decent with animation, pease PM me. Danke schon.
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    A beginners Fan Art. (Clannad/K-On! fandom.)

    Since you've aready gone through and made note of the anatomy issues, I'll just make a little suggestion. I like that you pay attention to areas that need shading, however the coloring is a bit messy. There are a lot of little "white spaces" that distract from the shading and little details...
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    Sparkleplex's Dragon(s) C+C Please!

    Sounds like a good plan to me! Out of curiousity, I know you don't color, but have you ever considered inking your drawings? There's nothing wrong with just a pencil sketch, though I find it often adds to the quality of any drawing just to add a solid outline. Just my two cents, anyway. >>
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    The Official Signature Check Thread

    Alright, I split the image. Did that work properly, or do I need to go back and work on it some more?
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    The Official Signature Check Thread

    Is my signature alright? The banner has a link when you click it to give credit to the artist who made it.
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    The Valley of Roses Icon and Banner shop ~

    Thank you, it's perfect!
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    The Valley of Roses Icon and Banner shop ~

    Images: 1 Text: Ten-out-of-Nine size: 320 x 150 Color's: A lot of light blues on the figure(sort of like in the original image), but a dark red/black gradient background with the text in it. Maybe with an old photo sort of look(rusty edges, that sort of thing)? Anything else : Thank you. c:
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    Sparkleplex's Dragon(s) C+C Please!

    Hey again. I don't have much to offer on the Phoenix(I'm still shaky with avian anatomy, unfortunately), though as for the newer sketch you've posted, I have some thoughts. Anatomy-wise, the head, legs, and neck are all fine, though the body of the dragon seems too large and throws...
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    Sparkleplex's Dragon(s) C+C Please!

    Not a problem. I'm really interested in seeing what else you're working on, so I'll be sure to check back when you've finished the next one!
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    We're Still an Artistic Phenomenon

    I enjoy how you shade and draw the pokemon(Rotom, especially), though your human characters need a bit of work. If you're going for a manga/anime style, some things /are/ supposed to be simplified, so I get that they aren't going to have as much detail work as most other drawings. Though I have...
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    Teachers that suck.

    When I was in the sixth through eighth grade, my family was in a deep financial crisis, and as a result I couldn't afford the newer PE uniform(It was just really a different-styled shirt and shorts, but I still had my old one). :/ The teacher I had thought it was funny to make fun of my...
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    Plushie Tutorial

    On the Dragonair: you might not be able to get it scale right away, but you could try creating a three-dimensional oval, and needle-sculpting it into the correct shape. Needle-sculpting is fairly simple once you get the hang of it, just practice on smaller scraps of the same fabric until you...