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Recent content by Naruto Uzumaki

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    Naruto or Inuyasha

    Hey I was thinking about which character is better Inuyasha or Naruto. In a way they're both half demon and human and they act the same. But then I think Inuyasha is cool because he has the Tetsuiga and I like Naruto because of the Rasengan. Who do you think is better?
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    Hi!I'm new here!

    Hi I hope you enjoy these fourms! If you need any help pm me !
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    Is the Wii really that great?

    Is the Wii really that great? I mean i like that you can get all the old games and some new great games ,but I'm not really excited about it. For one reason it's graphics aren't as good as the PS3's or Xbox 360's, I freakin get frusterated on the games like Red Steel where you have to control...
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    Starfox Command

    Is anyone here going to get starfox command for the ds?I will. I thinks it looks cool and awseome.Plus it has wi-fi connection so yeah I'll get it.
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    The Butch & Cassidy Club!

    I don't know I guess they were sucessful at everything Jessie and James weren't.
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    The Pie Club

    hey Umbreon if you havn't found the link on the first page it's [*IMG]http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d26/skittygirl/pie.png[/IMG*] just take of both the * and you'll get it. Make sure to give credit to Hinata-Chan ok. She changed her from Lil_Skitty to it.
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    The Salamence Clan Club

    Yeah it'll be something like that.
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    The Hyuuga Hinata fan club

    I guess she'd have a cellphone.
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    Donphan and phanpy club

    Yeah I'd say Donphan would desmolish Marowak easily.
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    The Bushy Brow Club

    Yeah sure ok you can be co-owner ^__^!
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    The Bushy Brow Club

    Hey Everyone this is a club about Rock Lee (Bushy Brow) from Naruto.I didn't see one so I thought about starting one. Here are the Club Rules 1. Follow Serebii.net forums rules 2. Don't Double Post It just doesn't make sense how you could double post a message! 3. Listen to Club...
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    Why does this happen?

    I don't know if this has happend to you, but it did on my Crystal.You know in Viridian City Theres that place where you battle a gut with a Meganium,Typloshin,and Feraligator.One day I battled him and His name said ????????Green or something and he had a Primape on Lvl.0 and then i can't press...
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    Which Anime do you think is the funniest?

    Hey Everyone which Anime do you think is the funniest?I think BoBobo is hilarious!I love that show.
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    The Pie Club

    The reason i like my favorite pie is because I always eat it for Thanksgiving and Christmas day ^__^!