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  • You're not going to reclaim it? If I were you I would catch it again and yell at it for not having more PP. Then teach it moves that have extremely high PP counts. That way he can't ruin anyones day ever again!
    When I wished you luck... I was hoping it was GOOD luck.
    Usually when people lose shinies it was definitely their fault. but after the drought your in, IDC!! That still makes me angry

    Still. count PP! its the only way to save it
    Ouch, i'm really sorry to have read that after you found Shiny Darkrai(pretty quickly too, right?), that it struggled itself. That really sucks.

    I can only hope that it shines again real soon, that or perhaps that Shiny Lugia you've been after will finally show itself, either way i hope something shines real soon for you.
    Good luck with all of your hunts. You probably don't know me but I'm a fan. I am hunting a shiny squirtle in 3 of my games (LG1,LG2,FR2) and just encountering w.e in my other Fire red. So i totally feel you when it comes to the pains of quadresetting.
    However, none of my hunts have beaten your longest, so good luck, I will find out in the future how hard it is to do all you've done lol.
    I hope my shiny starter will not take 30,000 SRs! Because this is already a dreadful SRing process, and the length of that would probably drain my spirits completely.

    Also what are you hunting on the GBA? i can tell the others are lugia and rotom... And what is the other 4th gen one?
    I just read your post on shiny thread, crazy luck there, man, congrats!

    Especially on the koffing, it's on of my dream shinies.
    I've been hunting for it in the Burned tower but no result yet.
    So you got my target n I got yours, lol.

    You're so deserved it, especially you sound like have a hard luck as a hunter w/ so many resets for each shiny (and you don't have that many either).
    But maybe you don't have that much time to hunt.

    Anyway, congrats again n good luck!
    I meant Tuatara (a kind of lizards). Not Tarantula the spider, lol.
    I know a kid who has it, it looks so cool.

    Anyway, I've got my shiny Lugia at last! And it's on my Jap HG file that holds the most resets for Lugia hunt, lol, lol. 12,785 sr in total combined w/ old sr.

    I'm super excited now. I got shiny Suicune already, so now I'm gonna play thru the game to reach Kyogre n Groudon on my SS/HG.

    Big good luck on your pink hunt, buddy.^^
    I don't care about winning the race, btw. I want you to get it too.
    Oh, I read it wrong then. Thought you had 30 dogs. You have Ferret, man, that's so cool. Do you have Tuantara? (sp?).

    Anyway, Lugia hasn't shone for me either. It's been 6,150 sr for me so far on two games, I'm catching you up. Guess, when you're lucky you can get really lucky and the other way around.

    Who wants to have high sr number? We need shiny! XD
    Hi. I understand your point of view about sr on a file now.

    If you wanna see it from that way, then I still have the most sr for Lugia on my Jap HG file,lol (it's not important but I just need to say it).

    Like I ever wrote, I did around 6,300 sr on my Jap HG lv 70 Lugia but I postphoned it till now. I picked it up again and continued dual sring it simultaneously w/ lv 45 Lugia on my U.S SS, currently 5,100 sr w/ no pink sign.

    So, it's safe to say I've done around 5,100 + 6, 300 = 11, 400 sr on my Jap file right?

    Again it's so not important until it shines. Best of luck to both of us.
    Deeply sorry again for your loss, although I'm not into dogs that much.
    I can tell you really love your dogs since you have so many of them.
    I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. I had my kitten pass away last week so I'm somewhat aware of the feeling... I hope she has a wonderful 6-8 weeks; I bet she's been living a really happy life so far. c:

    Lots of luck to you, you deserve it! Let Lugia shine! :3
    Hey there! I noticed that you're SRing for a shiny Lugia on your SS; well, I'm hunting for Ho-oh on my HG! Would you like to race? I have 1200 SRs for Ho-oh currently.
    Yeah, it's totally random...it's in Wurmple's coding (the same coding that determines whether it's shiny or not). Well, I guess I was right you know! I did find a new 1/8192 shiny before the end of March! Now hopefully I'll find one in the forest...
    What? Beautifly?! Hah! I'd have to be UBER lucky to find that! Nah...I'm more hoping for a Wurmple or Silcoon...that's in more realistic terms! Thanks!
    I could guess that by your avatar! Sure I'll race you...that means you'll also be in a race with eeveeloution too (as I'm racing him as well). The thing is I'm not hunting for Charmander right now...I've paused at 815 SR's to hunt in Eterna Forest (Double Encountering), so I should have a new shiny soon! Good Luck!
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