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  • ah, no. i've been thinking of taking up piano and violin though. well, i really want to. )8
    oh, no, it's fine.

    and yes, high school. apparently we get less homework there than the middle school that i went too. then again, they like, gave way too much homework. 7 essays in a day lol.
    ah, really? i gained, but i used to be too thin... however i think i gained a little much... before i was 91 lbs at 5'4, and now i am 115 lbs at 5'4... i think 100 is good enough. )8 it's the standard of our *~thin asian family~*. which everyone else here thinks is anorexic.
    i wish you lots and lots of luck with that, then. and yeah, real life over sppf. 8) sppf isn't gonna be what chooses our jobs or w/e the adults say about education. social lives irl are really fun too.

    ... i'll admit there are some online friends i could never let go of, but ahaha.
    i've been uh. well, you know. school. social life. i got bored of sppf and decided to tango with other people. went well. it's funny 'cause they used to all hate/bully me for liking pokemon and now they think i am the coolest person ever. :l it's just uh. weird. nice anyhow.

    sppf does not want me to send long vm's to you apparently.

    uh, sorry, but i don't have any of my old banners saved. )8 i tend to delete things often.
    not for now... a lot of people tend to make really bad requests. plus, i am just much too busy occupying myself with doing nothing. the good life, you know? for me at least. sitting around, doing everything at my pace, taking naps here and there...
    british columbia. it's where i came from. i was born there, then when i turned eleven, i moved to ontario, and now i'm moving back to british columbia. i like it a lot better in british columbia though, so it's all good.
    i've been okay, just okay. my mother's fine, her cancer is healing and all. we're just about to move across the country, so... she made me carry 500 extremely heavy books downstairs, and my arms hurt alot from finishing that. ouchhhh.
    oh, thank you. it makes me feel not out of place here. seems like most people forgot me, lol. either that or the people i knew aren't 'round anymore. how're you, by the way?
    Hey narutopokedude i will mis you from the club, i really like to read your post.

    Your one of the members i gladly read post from. There are others whit only one liners :/

    Anyways good luck on your hunts.

    EDIT: Major congrats on the kyogre ;)
    Yeah, I'm going to be so bogged down by school work, no time to shiny hunt. :( Especially second semester...

    So are you hunting for anything right now? Has your Eon Ticket/E-Reader arrived yet?
    Well, I didn't break my record, but I had fun trying. :)

    And gah, summer's halfway through. :( Only six more weeks! I need to start on my summer projects...

    I'm double SRing for Girtina and Palkia/Shaymin mostly. I'd really like any of them shiny.
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