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  • Lol. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but I know how you feel. I got two shiny Poochyena myself when I soft reset for shiny Mudkip. Just keep at it though. It'll feel so much more rewarding when you finally do get your shiny Mudkip. :)
    Haha, doubt I'll get it before you. I'm barely hunting for it. I'm really trying to get a lot more shiny Pokemon from the 4th Gen; not counting the PokeRadar, I only have five 1/8192 shinies from D/P/Pt. And that's in two years of hunting! >.< Compared to R/S/E/FR/LG where I have like 20, lol
    Yup, it'll be my second one. I haven't done many soft resets for it...more than 100, but less than 200. It's not really my focus at the moment, to be honest.
    So for some reason all of my current hunts seem to be starters. First mudkip in sapphire, charmander in firered, torchic in ruby #2, turtwig in platinum #2, and squirtle in leafgreen.

    Is any one down for a starter race?
    I'll race ya. :D I'm SRing for shiny Treecko on Sapphire, I will be SRing for a shiny Piplup on Diamond soon.
    ah, well it looks decent however metagross is way more of a heavyweight pokemon then dragonite which makes it look very strong so personaly i think you need to make the chainball more bigger or heavylooking in order to make it look like it is actualy keeping him from moving. that's the idea behind the SPPF chainball concept.
    isn't it^^
    i thought of it when i saw suicune's sig a few days ago, she had a stickfigure with the chainball attached to it that's where i start wondering if it is possible to make it to a pokemon instead so i send her a VM with a compliment of the sig and a request:p
    well the chainball yes but attaching it on a pokemon's feet was my idea. i don't mind if you use it as well, i was more a joke then i was being serious^^
    Well, yeah. There you go. I double posted because it was lagging so I deleted one of the messages.
    (Mine. I made it the proper size so you can add it to your signature)

    (Arkeis' image, this is the person who drew it.)

    Remember to credit Arkeis for the image used, seeing as I did not draw that. I edited the colors, added a bit more affect to metagross' body, and I added the chain ball.
    I noticed that on your Profile you said you want shiny Metagross with blue eyes, so I worked up a little photoshop magic and made them blue.
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