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  • I'm almost finished with your metagross. I need to know what you want it to say on the ball. It has to be limited to 4 characters.
    My first one took a couple months of SRing to get it to shine ^^. My second took 8 resets after I changed my ID :p.
    Aw man, I'm sorry to hear that NPD!! I don't know if you've done it yet, but DO NOT re-save your game! Just keep on SRing, and you should get a shiny Mudkip soon.

    As for the gender, it may or may not be the same, depending on the Gender Values for both Poochyena and Mudkip. I think the Male to Female ratio for both Pokemon are different, so you can never be sure.
    oh well, il figure something out. hopefully before i get banned. :p thanks any way. i got to go now, but talk to you later dude.
    whoops, i posted on my page. :p

    oh. i uase metagross in the battle castle a lot. its usefull to have at least one super power move. mabeyil get giga impact, thats strong...

    btw, you know how to make these personality resaults lay flat against each other instead of stacking?
    i consider it. i like ice punch a little though... sigh, so many choices so little move slots!
    i trade for, EVERYTHING. it works though. you think thunder punch? i never realy worried about flying or water... there usualy weaklings.
    i got meteormash, earthquake, zenheadbut, and hammer arm.

    they sound stupid, but i got him eved for attack so yah... its works pretty good any way.
    Yup, there's that, too. If only I could get my hands on a LiveStrong rubber band or something. -__- Then I could somehow stretch it around my DS Lite so that the L and R buttons are constantly pressed. I heard it makes SRing on the 4th gen much more bearable. The rubber bands I currently have are too skinny to press on the L and R Buttons.
    I almost always hunt on my third gen games with my black GBA SP. Most of the time when I hunt, I'm double hunting on one of my 4th gen games and one of my 3rd gen games simultaneously.
    Yeah, you should try; tallying your soft resets gives you a good idea of how much you normally do, and it makes you want to do more.

    Oooh, Pikachu GBA SP? Niceee. Must've been expensive.
    Yup, I did get it approved.

    I also started actually tallying my soft resets for Giratina today. I realized that it's a rather simple thing to do...and I can get over 1000 soft resets in one day, even when I am uninterrupted. Of course, it'll have to be during summer when I'm not doing anything, but still, 1000+ soft resets is a lot. :D
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