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  • That's good! most of the time people come in to the site not knowing much about RPing so I was just checking. Anyways have fun making your character (I'm pretty sure you'll be accepted there's no reason why not and the SU is currently open), and I hope to see you in the RP soon!
    Hey, saw you were new to the forums and you reserved a slot in the RP I'm in. Welcome, and I hope you have fun around here. While I can't say that you should Team Ernst because it would be constricting your creative juices, I can say that I hope you have fun in the RP ;) (but seriously do whatever you please), we haven't really started so you haven't missed out on much.

    Also if you need help you can just ask the GMs (Shiningsloth and Ysarval) I'm a GM in other RPs too and an experienced RPer so I can help you out if you need anything. Other than that have fun!
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