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  • Woah, They're really scattered...
    Well, they just really love our school! :D So much that you can see atleast one college student there everyday XP
    So, your days off aren't magkasunod?
    Nah, all the teacher's laughed it off and told them to go back to Manila because they were considered 'noisy' by the principal XD
    No classes on Friday? Epic XD
    And yeah, there was so much flood in Manila that some college students from my school came to visit us from Manila (3 days) and just sat on empty seats during the highschool's classes ._. The new teachers kept asking them why they were there and they pretended to be highschoolers. And it was believable because they were wearing the school's uniforms XD
    3rd day of school and I already have to read Beowulf and finish 3 pages on filipino and write a composition for English... Plus the chemistry quiz tomorrow... Better than expected! :D
    Hahaha XD Those teachers usually laugh it off though~

    Damn... That really sucks D: Then, It just need to rain on specific days! :D
    Such a sad life... I could always skip the first day
    When they memorize quotes or formulas. My science teacher said it a million times already in chemistry XD

    Why not? Don't people like it when that happens? I know about the missed lessons and stuff but...?
    I don't really want it to end yet :/
    You just can't help it! Even some of my teacher's still say it o_o

    Oh yeah, it does rain a lot there. Here it only drizzles for like 5 minutes! Then it gets really hot DX
    They don't give us any breaks *sigh* Tomorrow is the last day of my summer too -_-"
    But it's like human instinct to say um when you forget right?! XD

    Damn... I take it back D: Poor shoes... They get wet once and they never come back the same way again...
    Yeah... *sobs* DepEd is so mean...

    It's better than saying 'um' a million times before remembering the next line

    Rain Party?! That sounds even more fun XD
    Why can't they make it atleast 9?

    What?! I could never do that. I just take the gist of it and improv the rest XD

    Party! Sounds fun :3 But why'd ya leave early? :O
    Yeah. It is the time school starts but... It's so early
    Memorization isn't really a strong point of mine. So, I really dislike it ): I mean it's useful but... meh.
    Woah. That is early. But some people think 7 is normal D:
    Oh gosh... History is hard. Now I really hope I don't get that class XD
    What is 'early' for you? I mean what time does it start?
    Ohhh... I hope I don't get that class... Cultures don't fascinate me :/
    Whaa- It's so late! Why?! I've seen my older brother's schedule and his ends around freaking 3pm!
    Ohh... The subject's name is funny. I find it funny and I don't know why ._.
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