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Nov 23, 2011
Likes Received:
March 2
A job

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Psyperiority, Male, from Cyberspace

    1. Dragalge
      Get an avatar lmao

      For me
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      3. Wolfaotic
        *checks for any sign of life*
        Nope. Nothing.
        Apr 19, 2018
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      4. keepitsimple
        Apr 19, 2018
        Wolfaotic likes this.
      5. keepitsimple
        Ffs Zelda you can't just change your avatar it ruins our Zelda comments
        Jun 17, 2018
        Wolfaotic and Dragalge like this.
    2. LadyTriox
      She's cheerful and actually less girly than other females i've admired in the past. It makes sense i'd have a crush on her to me too. All that kind of really helps me, since i have a 'thing' in my head that 'this world is negative cuz it isn't as girly as i am'.

      Korrina's litterally my hero :)

      I don't have those.
    3. LadyTriox
      Its not just about her looks with me. Its her whole character thats beautiful to me^^ She has the right personality to help me with all my struggles i've been going through. No other character or thing has had that type of effect on me.

      Like some classic games for gba/gbc xD

      I wonder if theres online yu-gi-oh! playing sites? :P
    4. LadyTriox
      Korrina's mostly what i think of as beautiful, for now, though.

      I may get a lot of new games on my computer^^

      I'm glad you've been winning :3
    5. keepitsimple
      I thought your birthday was March 10. Came to say hbd and I'm late wtf

      Happy birthday. Don't think of it as 8 days late, maybe I'm just 357 days early.
    6. -Nator-
      Thanks everyone, for the birthday wishes.
    7. Ascended Dialga
      Ascended Dialga
      Happy birthday!
    8. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Happy birthday
    9. Dragalge
      Happy birthday, Nator!

      V OK
    10. LadyTriox
      Haha, looks like the yu-gi-oh! craze is back xD First ashgreninja and now you :3

      Yep, so far, things are good again :) Thanks^^

      I'll be happy as long as i can keep enjoying korrina too =) she's what i call 'beautiful'^^
    11. LadyTriox
      He said he wasn't triggered over my mentioning that site. I guess something else triggered him. Hopefully he'll stay stronger around me next time, though. I am extremely sensitive to drama.

      I'm glad to know that too :) I will always try to be very nice to you, though. Friends always deserve kindness^^

      What video games are you into right now? I'm hooked on Animal Crossing Wild World lol
    12. LadyTriox
      Good morning Nater! Its been awhile :3

      I watched pokemon amvs this morning :) Some were of korrina^^

      Sadly i got in a fight with a friend yesterday. I'm not so sure i should mention tvtropes around him again o.o;;; even if it played a big role in helping me embrace my crush on korrina. I guess i'll have to hold those feelings in my heart more than talk them out now lol

      I hope i didn't trigger you next >_<;;; right now i sorta worry about triggering people...lol
    13. LadyTriox
      Ohhhh sweet 8)

      I have her 'lady' title in my name :3

      Thank you^^
    14. LadyTriox

      I may watch a korrina amv before i go. I think looking at her helps me want to feel more brave and confident overall :)

      i may want to try to talk about other things more tho however i should feel at peace that i'll always have corni in the end
    15. LadyTriox

      I may go play animal crossing sometime soon. i may need a net break...
    16. LadyTriox
      I'm alright.

      I got pretty immature last night but i'm trying to get over it.
    17. Wolfaotic
      dad says it's my turn to play your ps4 >:(
    18. LadyTriox
      I might have to sometime. But if it still logged in on my computer i'll just accept i can only look at korrina on google images on here for now :/

      Still upset me though.

      Lana's cool.

      I just don't tend to crush on anyone other than korrina :P i'm a 'one person at a time' type of person lol
    19. LadyTriox
      I'm just into korrina xD

      I have an awful issue :( pinterest won't let me login to my account...and my korrina album on there is private, too.....

      I hope its still logged in on my computer at least.

      If i can't access my account...all those korrina images i pinned....no.....
    20. LadyTriox
      I'm great. Loving Korrina like always and happy us girls are going to have our first valentines day together in only a few days from now :D

      I had such romantic daydreams over her yesterday too.

      You can read about one on pokegirlfan's vms^^
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    March 2
    A job
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:

    Name: Codename Nator (no, my real name is NOT Nate, Nathan, or Nathaniel)
    Former Username: BNator92 (Nov. 22, 2011 - Jun. 6, 2014)
    Location: Along the Pacific
    Interests: Stuff and things.


    Favorite Pokemon: Alakazam
    Favorite Regions: Kanto and Johto
    Favorite Type: Psychic
    Favorite Game: Crystal Version
    Favorite Gym Leader: Sabrina
    Why do I play Pokemon?:


    Favorite All-Time Video Game: TLoZ OoT
    Favorite Gaming System of All-Time: SNES/N64
    Favorite Book/Movie Author: Stephen King
    Favorite Movie Genre: Horror/Thriller and Sci-Fi
    Favorite Music Genre: Rock
    Favorite Current Band: Highly Suspect
    Favorite All-Time Band: AC/DC
    Favorite Current Song: My Name Is Human - Highly Suspect
    Favorite Cuisine: Italian
    Favorite Food: Lasagna
    Favorite Beverage: Verdka until feelings can't be felt
    Favorite Season: Winter
    Favorite Holiday: Nothing anymore
    Favorite Element: Wind
    Favorite Educational Subject: Science (namely Physics and Chemistry)
    Religion: Agnostic
    Politics: Non-affiliated/Independent Voter
    ISideWith: Libertarians (on most issues) #bakethecake
    Enneagram: 5w6
    Brain Dominance: Left

    Favorite PokePuns:

    -"I'm not gonna Raichu a love song."
    -"Ekans-ee clearly now, the rain is gone."
    -"This **** is Onixeptable."
    -"Who the hell Togepi and didn't flush?"
    -"I took a Pikachu in the shower this morning."
    -"Can I fil-Mewtwo having sex?"
    -"Thanks to the doctor, my Hypno longer hurts."
    -"I fought in the Gulf Wartortle-ly naked."
    -"She likes it in her Meowth."
    -"I can't act, but Omastar in a movie anyway!"
    -"There's no Shaymin liking Pokemon."
    -"Butterfree up your schedule, because I'm gonna Beedrillin you all night!"
    -"Is love legal? Absol-lutely!"
    -"He's probably right, Fennekin, you never know."
    -"Come Avalugg at this!"
    -"Weedle make you high."
    -"I Metapod of whales the other day!"
    -"Ima use my laser to Zapdos fools!"
    -"It's Chesnaught right, man!"

    Pokemon Showdown: BNator92
    ask.fm: http://ask.fm/BNator
    3DS Friend Code: 3496-9461-8236
    Nintendo Network ID: BNator92
    PSN: BNator92

    Electronics upon more electronics.



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