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  • Hey it's me again. I've been busy from school and tennis so I probably won't be able to train a full team for a battle. How about we just do a few 3v3 battles with the Battle Subway rules and bans? I still might train a few individual pokes.
    Yay! Glad it works. What team did you use? You know there's a thread for people to rate teams right? (BS teams should be put in "in-game" team rate section)
    1) did you lose the streak yet and what number are/were you on?
    2) Try your singles team in doubles (plus another good poké) if it makes sense. (if it was stall, then don't.)
    3) check your e-mail (I sent you a different version of the excel thing) and tell me if it works.
    oh... >.>
    How's break? now that mine's over...

    Well, I'm off to see if I can RNG another poké before school comes back.
    Well, Now at least you have a shiny Magikarp!
    Even though there's some curses on the page, I had to laugh when I saw this;
    oooh that's right, it's listed on Salamence but not on Bagon :O
    I even have one xD
    you wanted a Jolly one right?
    I have it but with bad IVs :/
    can give it to you for free if you want ^^
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