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Last Activity:
Aug 11, 2012
Apr 4, 2011
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NaturalTrainer was last seen:
Aug 11, 2012
    1. Blaziken10285
      Hey: I'm doing a sister-Fic to Xman's Prof. X and I heard you were part of it. If so I would like to put Mozzeh in mine. If it's alright then it would be great if you could sent me through PM a character bio for him along with the Pokemon on his team.
    2. Lance The Champ
      Lance The Champ
      Hi want to battle 5th gen OU?
      FC : 3353 4029 0107
    3. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Chapter 14 - Blue in the Face is now up, featuring my favourite gym leader once again!
    4. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      New chapter of Journeymen - Chapter 13, Seeing Red pt. II is up!
    5. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Haha I don't really know. Hey wanna add me on facebook by the way? I've added quite a few of the members already. We're all talking amongst ourselves...well we will eventually about the future of the NCTH, plus it's a great way to keep in touch :D
    6. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Journeymen update - Raj vs. Red part 1 is up check it out now and lemme know what you think!
    7. shadowdrragoon
      mixed regions but still would like to keep a cloyster in it since its basically my strongest wall i have but does decent damage in the rain. basically maxed the evs in defenses. put a few in special attack.
    8. Xman96
      Chapter 11: Showdown is up.
    9. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Okay it never happened due to awful internet connections. Would you mind saving me an eveolite please?
    10. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Haha no worries..am about to take on Feralninja for the Flare Badge...yikes!
    11. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      I hate playing against it, quiver dance burns me up! Owning one would be a different story but I've never trained one before so can't comment.

      I have a plan for Seviper anyways ;) Did you check out the newest concept art?
    12. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      No no it's fine! I'm at that stage in my Pokemon career when I literally only train what I want lol, I only have the team in my fic + serpents believe it or not :O

      oh and Larvesta :3
    13. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      yeah I know I dont think you can get it in BW though? and nah it's cool I've barely played the game recently, still busy with life can't wait til i get some real time
    14. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      I would if I could believe me :P
    15. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      New concept art for Journeymen is up!
    16. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Grinding Seviper is annoying lol, his EXP spread is SO odd
    17. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      haha knowing me it'll take ages! like, to get the serpent team sorted at least
    18. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      I don't even remember setting a date. Anyways far from ready :P
    19. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      What battle? I don't remember a battle
    20. DittoDude
      Can't find my ds. I'll tell you when I do.
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