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Last Activity:
Mar 27, 2014
Sep 14, 2010
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Aug 13, 1992 (Age: 27)

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Well-Known Member, 27

naughtynun was last seen:
Mar 27, 2014
    1. Eievui-Nymphia
      Depending of the type of infraction.
    2. Eievui-Nymphia
      Reported because your last post.
    3. naughtynun
      If I wish to stop watching, I will. If I wish to stop moaning, I will. Thanks.
    4. AceDetective
      Do yourself a favour and stop watching. And do everyone else a favour and stop whining. Nobody cares
    5. moneylesswario
      I don't know why people feel the
      need to be rude when people ask
      about Misty and Brock being
      mentioned. Two popular
      characters are mentioned on an
      episode summary, indicating
      they could possibly being
      returning for the episode and yet
      they can't be mentioned?

      I don't care if the anime has
      'moved on'. The stuff from 1997
      whilst not brilliant, puts the tat
      currently being turned out to
      shame. Guess what, if either of
      the two returned for this episode,
      it would be literally the most
      interesting thing in the
      programme since BW started.
      Then again, it will be anyway
      since Charizard is returning!

      Why some people feel the need
      to rain on someone else's parade
      I don't know.
      I don't get it either. It's not the worst thing someone can be excited for (coughbadfillerepisodecough).
    6. Brownie
      In the SPPF Awards thread, I voted you for most sarcastic and funniest.
    7. Brownie
      I mentioned you in SPPF Awards XD
    8. Brownie
      LOL, and maybe Unfezant can't fly him, but it can Whirlwind him from place to place.
      Started a thread about traveling methods, hoping its active for a while.
    9. Brownie
      He can bring back Haunter and it can hover him.
    10. Brownie
      That's too bad...if Misty were there, Starmie could levitate them (I don't think it can teleport).
    11. Brownie
      Bayleef could also swing them from tree to tree while they hold on to it like Tarzan (the anime has NEVER had realistic physics to my knowledge).
    12. Brownie
      That'd be so funny!
    13. Brownie
      Also, they can ride on Snorlax while dangling food in front of it :D It doesn't even have to be food...
    14. Brownie
      And Oshawott loses his grip...
      It seems theyre not exercising their imaginations.
    15. Brownie
      Charizard would SO do that!
      Even Dig to tunnel them from one route to another would make my day, though it wouldnt be practical. Underground battles would be awesome.
    16. Brownie
      Didn't Ash have a Sceptile? Maybe he can use it to carry him from branch to branch and leave the rest behind (that sounds like something he would do!).
    17. Brownie
      Or they can just teleport (this is wishful thinking)
    18. Brownie
      They could at least fly every once in a while.
    19. Brownie
      I like seeing them surf on Lapras instead of walking through generic city/forest #62, guess Lapras was curting into their budgets.
    20. Brownie
      I think a better comparison might be Lilligant to Bellossom.
      For the games, I like Gens 2 and 3, while 3 has bad designs, it also has some I like.
      Least favorite is either 4 or 5, idk why. I like em all though! I agree on some of 5's designs, I'm not a genwunner by any means, but some of gen 5's designs are stupid, I only need to show the Vanillaite family, and its not just because it's an ice cream Pokemon - LOOK AT ITS FACE!
      I always hate how people go "u only hate it bc of nostalgia" - why is that even a bad thing? Nostalgia happens for a reason.
      For the anime, I liked Season 1.5 (Orange Islands), I sure miss Tracey, I just wish they did more with him. Also, Ash FINALLY won something after that AWFUL Ritchie match in which Charizard fell asleep, lol...
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    Aug 13, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Favourite Pokémon:


    On Team:;025;,:656:,:661:.

    Oak's Lab:;001;;099;;089; ;128;x30;143;;214;;153;;156;;158;;164;;232;;254;
    ;277;;341;;324;;362;;398;;389;;392;;418;(;472;);443;:521::559::525::542::536: :501::499::495::553:;006;
    In Training:;007;;057;

    Advice to the writers for the 6th Gen:
    1. Give a fair distribution of screentime and battles- No Pika-Hogging.
    2. Give Ash as many Pokemon as you will bother with, and no more.
    3. Evolution is nothing to be scared of. Especially evolve Starters, please!