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  • Swampert (M) Torrent
    Salamence (M) Intimidate
    Banette (M) Cursed Body (Gunk Shot)
    Gardevoir (F) Synchronize
    Manectric (F) Lightningrod
    Exploud (M) Scrappy
    I forgot to save on my previous file. I'm a genius, really.

    After restarting instead of picking up where I left off, I'm currently on Route 6.

    Blastoise: Bryant (M)
    Feraligatr: Felix (M)
    Swampert: Sawyer (M)
    Empoleon: Ethan (M)
    Samurott: Stanley (M)
    Greninja: Gareth (M)

    Swampert M Adamant
    Salamence M Jolly
    Armaldo M Impish
    Gardevoir F Modest S
    Manectric F Timid LR
    Vilplume M Calm
    I recommend using GIMP to add transparency: just select by color (in your case the bright red) and delete is.
    As image host, I strongly recommend imgur or photobucket because the images uploaded by ezimba disappear after time (1month or so)

    If you can't make it transparent, no worries, I'll do it for you :)

    Ps: Lettuce-mudkip?! :p
    That is good :)
    You want to make some changes or does is look good enough to post?
    If so, you can post it in the thread if you want.
    Here is an update:

    I edited them a bit and added a pokemon.
    I like qwilfish and also tried octillery and gave them the hat-thingie.

    For me it looked as good as finished :)
    I like the black beard, looks way cooler now ^^
    I also like the female better. It brings more of a 'spark' in the duo.

    I will try to edit them some more today and put them together.
    I worked a little on the left one:

    I made 2 versions (one that does have a "hat" and short pants and one that doesn't). There is still some work to it, but I'll post you the start.
    I was also thinking that maybe we could include a pokemon. The ones that match the theme are chatot and octillery I think. I think octillery would match good with the similar "hat" I gave the left one.

    Ps: also I wanted to remove the red thing on its sweater, but when I made the arms it looks like a tattoo, so maybe we could alter it a bit so it looks like a cool tattoo.
    It shouldn't be a problem. Other then a slightly other shading-style and size there isn't much difference.
    I can see what sprites you mean by looking at the link (Chuck, firebreather and Crasher Wake).
    They all have a good bodytype for the sidekick I think.

    I actually have to go now, but maybe we could already both start on one and send it to the other after some editing. Do you have any preference which on to take?
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