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  • let me know if they evolve into something besides Jungle...scatterbugs are so easy to get mixed up
    Agreed 2 scatterbugs that will evolve into jungle for 2 Vivillons....give me a few minutes to go catch them
    I still believe in trading Vivillons for Vivillons or scatterbugs. Unless that makes the trade more difficult for you.
    I set games for some of the patterns to make it easy for folks to complete their collections without having to trade legendaries.
    I don't have one in my boxes right now but I can catch a scatterbug or 2 that will evolve into a jungle for you
    Thank you very much!

    Oh is every thing ok on your end? The trade ended funny on this end. and did I miss someone I was supposed to send you?
    Good because I have to evolve a scatterbug...just send a trade request when your ready
    1 meowth no gender preference and 2 native Scatterbugs or Vivillons. (I'm out of Rivers at the moment.)

    My friend code is 1907-9797-0140
    I can help you with Garden, Ocean, Sandstorm, and maybe River...usually I trade for native vivillons but meowth it so tempting...nature or ability don't really matter...I just want it to complete the dex
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