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  • Yeah i've been prone to anxiety a lot in my life. I try hard to be more calm now, though. Korrina seems to help :)

    This convo is getting me into lisa frank more again XD I should look for my old lisa frank coloring books and let them inspire my pokemon drawings a bit. Maybe i'll draw korrina in a lisa frankish outfit sometime too :3
    Ah. I've been drawing a lot in my life, so i'm not too bad at it :3 I seem to draw korrina attractively, too X3

    I'm gonna have some coffee my nerves feel sort of blah.

    I guess i'm worried some people will read my comments and get annoyed o.o;

    I'm too sensitive lol
    I should try drawing a rainbow lisa frank-ish skitty sometime XD Lisa Frank stuff is cool^^
    I once got super into drawing skitty :3 i gave it angel wings and made it use charm and sweet kiss and stuff^^ Skitty's a fun pokemon to draw.

    Whats your favorite color? Mine's pink :3
    I plan on playing more of a pokemon ruby game i have emulated when summer is over or when a less hot day come's lol

    I have plusle and combusken and gulpin on my team :3 and an awesome swellow

    I watch the pokemon anime too. Its what got me into korrina lol

    I also think the heat is getting to me slightly cuz i don't feel as super calm right now. Maybe i just seed some coffee though; coffee tends to calm my nerves :3

    I may see fireworks tonight^^
    Gardevoir is beautiful! :3 I seem to beat them online easily with my sylveon on random match ups XD

    Have you ever drawn favorite pokemon of yours? :3 I enjoy drawing pokemon sometimes, and also korrina of course. I plan on counting all my drawings i did of her sometime XD Pretty sure its a number past 20 lol
    That sounds like an awesome move set :3

    I should get farther in sun sometime. I got kind of stuck.

    I don't really play the pokemon games a whole lot but i'm a huge fan of the pokemon themselves and talking about different moves is interesting.

    I made a pink fenniken in one dress up game :3
    Ohhh i've always really liked Lilligant! :3 its a princess pokemon X3 I single trained one through my white file XD Whats some moves you liked using a lot in white 2?
    Lucario is an awesome pokemon :3 Korrina has him xD

    I used to be a super huge Pikachu fan and loved spamming thunderbolt in pokemon battles XD In my sapphire version, sometimes the game glitched up when i used that move.

    Another pokemon i had fun using on that file was my delcatty :) I gave her return attack, and assist, and some other cute moves. She wasn't very powerful but she still won a lot of battles! Have you ever used skitty or delcatty? :3
    Aura Sphere is a nice move :) I ended up getting rid of it on my Lucario, though; it seemed like his Close Combat was more powerful xD Still, its a cool move :)

    Have you ever played cute pokemon dress ups? I have :) Pichu90 made some, and they're really fun^^ You can change the pokemon's colors and dress them like ninjas and stuff. I may link you to some :3 i kinda wanna play one right now XD I used to play dress ups in general a lot. I think i'd mostly like pokemon ones now, though :p
    Lets see. What move do i like now? Uhhh...

    I'm tempted to say Power Up Punch 'cuz of Korrina giving you it....XDDD but its not very strong i guess?

    I also really like Moonblast XD fairy moves are cool^^

    What's some moves you like to use in the pokemon games? :3

    I remember when i was younger i was SUPER into the moves attract and return
    Hmn...mangoes, pinapple, or cherries, likely :3

    Are you going to see the fireworks tonight?
    Oh! Hello! :3 I'm trying to stay calm.

    I may eat something :3

    What's your favorite fruit? :D
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