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  • Hey, how's things?

    I wanted to ask a question about Melanthos's Fallen in Broken Sun: Would he be in contact with other Fallen, other than Jax's? I just had an idea since Tariq's Fallen is also in Sartaras.
    Ah with Diego and DX, they are wild cards. And it is simple. Diego is no ordinary soul. He is under someone's else rule, someone who exceeds far above the two Magi.

    Want to know more?
    Ah, but I could make it so that Jax makes the mistake of thinking that Raichu is Necros when he's not the one.

    But, if you need me to edit it some other way, that's fine, I can do that.
    Nah, doing the assassination is fine. What I plan on having afterwords will be the challenge.

    So yeah, kill Xac, but even once we grab the blood, we definitely won't be anywhere near home free. I have a few things in mind, as I'm sure so do you.
    Don't sweat it, I'm in no real rush to post. Trust me, I have plenty of stuff I can do... and probably should have done, than this RP, so take your time. As long as it doesn't take like over a week, I'm fine.

    And hey, no problem. Your characters are awesome and always add a special kind of spice to the storyline that no one else can match. I appreciate that.
    I just updated. It's my dad's birthday so chill. We can catch up to the others, but how should we? Diego can perform ExtremeSpeed of some sort.
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