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  • Hmn. I like a lot of pokemon. Though I guess i have a bit of a weak spot for Skitty or Eevee lol Both of those two are just soooo adorable XD

    And of course I like Lucario 'cuz my favorite gym leader (who i also have a huge crush on) has one :)
    I'm sure wanting to come on to talk to me will help :3 Feel free to want a wifi battle with me sometime too.

    Sadly, I can't think of what to talk about. I've been taking meds a lot lately....they often mess up my imagination :/

    Whats some of your favorite things about shiny espeons? :3 i'm curious (this was what i could think of, for now)
    As a result of inactivity between January 1 and the time of this message, your claim on Poochyena on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Hey!!! You ever get that shiny eevee? I'm actually working on a shiny eeveelution quest right now! I'm going to get 8 shiny eevee, 1 for each form and then 1 to stay an eevee. I got my first one today in castelia park on my white 2. I will be REing them in the park on my white 2 and MMing them on my black 2. It made me think of you when i got my first one, so i decided to see how you were doing. :3
    Hi! ^_^ I like ponies, too! :3 Wanna be friends? ^_^

    I hope you can get that shiny Eevee too X)
    Hey! Are you still working on your Eevee hunt or have you put it on hold? I know that in W2B2 there is a spot where you can hunt only Eevee by using repels. Have you gotten at least a shiny one yet and it just not female? I think when I get the patience and get through a lot of what I want, I might try to get 8 shiny Eevees so that I can evolve 7 and have the whole set. That may be my goal next summer. ;)
    I didnt know you switched up the eevee hunt :)

    I'm still going for that Bulbasaur. 10,000 SR's in and not going strong anymore...
    Okami is on the Wii and Playstation2. I'm procrastinating on working on the game. I'm still in one of the beginning areas.
    I believe her name was Kagu. She was my second favourite behind Kurow. I'm actually playing (procrastinating to be exact) the prequel, Okami.
    Actually I did play Okamiden. It's one of my favourite games on the DS. Kurow is my favourite character, but we know what happens to him...
    I tend to get... excited when I get a SMASH! attack. I still love yelling that though. And I tend to get them a lot as I move on in the game.
    Your comments are really making me go back and see how much I enjoyed recording the earlier EarthBound videos. Keep on working on that Eevee. I'm sure you'll get it. You definitely deserve it after how much effort you've spent on getting a shiny Eevee. And here's the link to the full map. It's... intense.


    Just click on either full map or smaller full map. The map is that large.
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