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  • y not? itll give me something to do. i only trade on white anymore... u have a jap eevee? i can give u flawless jap ditto (shiny or nonshiny) at the very least.
    I hope this message gives you a hope.
    Eevee wil give u hell, but most* shiny eeveelution are cool

    * shiny flareon/jolteon suck
    Ok. If you plan on watching my XD videos... be wary. That person that you found to be annoying is in four of the later videos out of the ones that I have.
    Nice. XD is one of my favorites. I think it's very fun to play. And it's too early for me to get senioritis. I'm expecting to feel it during early May.
    Yep. Our school calls slacking off towards the end senioritis. Cheesy name, but I think I'm getting it. And I've gotten far in XD. I'm enjoying it right now.
    I've been busy with stuff. I still make videos (I'm working on XD now), but I spend most of my time doing homework and hanging with friends. I'm trying not to slack off in school since this is my last year in high school.

    I just failed. I posted this on my page thinking I was typing on yours. Nothing copy and pasting can't solve!
    So, Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy huh? I love the KH series, but out of all the Final Fantasies I have only played:

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    Dissidia: Final Fantasy
    Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy.
    Shiny Shinx! That is great! Shinx is so cute! I have never chained successfully before. My fiance can, but I suck at it. I always end up with a stupid Bidoof breaking my chain. As for me, I have only picked up my DS recently for event pokemon. I have been so busy with college that I haven't even thought about pokemon. Wait... I take that back. My fiance bought me a 3DS and then got me Pokemon Rumble Blast. So I do play that when I have free time. :)
    Sorry I am not sure what you mean about the encounters.
    Chaining was great. It took me all day , similar to your story but split up in intervals. But we kept catching them so it took longer as well. Shinx is so pretty, I will be getting that shiny luxray once I restart D/P with my girlfriend (which will actually be platinum)
    Woah woah, I just thought: Can't you chain in trophy garden for Eevee? I mean that would make life so much easier no? I can't beleive someone got those eggs so quick, sometimes I'm skeptical of people on that site, but then again can I talk?

    Yeah Paganism can be really rough... I think you're too open minded but that is just me and I think your choice can be beneficial for you .
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