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  • WOW! I'm Wiccan too! I love the pagan arts. I often feel judged whenever talking about it. WHY ON EARTH would you want to report back to that place to teach? I avoid Christians like the plague.
    OVER 7000!!! Jeez I feel so bad for you. I remembered you stop keeping track but I see that you have a good estimate.. I feel bad for ya... That's too many eggs lol.
    I want shiny Tynamo too! He is so cool, love Electross.
    Oh my ARCEUS I just got done chaining it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Give it a go, I got SEVEN shiny Staravia's last night because I kept my chain alive. It was great!
    well, im a huge jolteon fan, so as you can imagine, i have a lot of eevee, i happen to have some shinys because i dont like jolteon shiny, so what kind do you want?
    A fellow kingom hearts/final fantasy fan, nice. ahh, my phone is about to die, so talk to you later.
    yep, i had buneary. took me awhile though...but obtained. eevee, duskull, and girafarig were the only pokes i couldnt get through chaining. What do you play besides pokemon?
    Actually, all those shinies were in different files. I wish i had an early shiny frame right now, 655 resets for bulbasaur. As long as its not as horrible as my lugia hunt was (15,000 + resets) it will be cool. Thats not sexist, people just like there pokemon different ways. Gonna chain some more?
    Alright! I guess they opened up to you haha. You must really like your pokes to be female. And the shinies i got in leafgreen were (in order of appearance):

    Spearow- route beside viridian city (had just beaten gary after starting the game ^_^.

    Geodude - Seven Island (it had explosion, but didnt use it...whew.)

    Voltorb - Power Plant (no side note...)

    Also, if you look at the view conversation page, there is nothing but umbreons and espeons haha.
    Yay! Glad you managed to chain a shinx! The shiny colors really suit shinx so much. Really hope you get your Eevee soon though :)
    Woah, are you seriously still hatching an Eevee? What's your count at now?? That's incredible that it is so high !
    I missed you guys, I left FB because I was tired of it and basically I have nobody who understands me anymore. I wanted to keep in some form of touch.
    High school grad time eh? I hope you have achieved everything you wanted in those awful years of your life. HighS is such a waste of time in my opinion lol.
    I dropped out of college. Now I am looking for a job. The education field wasn't for me , and I can't take people anymore. So alot of new things are happening but I am still playing Pokemon and doing some wild encounters in Chargestone cave :) my girlfriend found a shiny joltik their in the start of 500 encounters...
    Well anyway let me know what your Eevee progress is at because I am afraid to find out lol
    SEEM nice (mwahaha, my plan is working)? shinx just dont like to be shiny i guess. keep going though. shiny luxray is awesome. and yes, bulbasaur is cool. i have only had 3 shinies on my leafgreen, all unexpected encounters, so i thought i would shiny hunt on it as well.
    i am postponing electrike. just stickin with bulbasaur. Eevee was a pokemon that i could never get through chaining. I got to 38 one time, chain broke, and i quit. actually, i think that was the moment i lost my mojo o_O. and thanks for accepting the FR.
    ahh, that sucks. I started hatching electrikes today on my soulsilver. if i got this before you got shiny shinx, then that would be horrible...like...seriously.
    ahh, just get to 30-35, reset, and before long shiny shinx will be yours :). and sorry if i turned this into an unwanted conversation. i tend to do that...
    yea, i was like this when i first started. i somehow reached a pro status, my highest record being 19 different shinies in 9 days and my highest chain at 84 (cleffa). i stopped for a loooong time and now i am lucky to get to 30 haha. I am pretty sure you will recognize the shiny patch. Is this your first time chaining?
    that was borderline crazy...are you using a pokemon with the ability static in front of your party? and you know, you dont have to make it to 40. if you try it again and make it to 30-35, just start reseting there.
    nice shiny. i think its shiny sprite is better than ninetales. all this shiny talk has got me wanting to continue my sr hunt for bulbasaur in leafgreen. at about 400. haha, the smallest things give me motivation :)
    Yeah chaining isn't easy I took me a full month to actually learn but I'm pretty good now I watched alot of videos.
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