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  • Hey you. I hate to say it , but at the same time I'd love to say that I am done with college. Fed up. Gonna set my sights on things I enjoy, so after this semester I'm just graduating with my associates and leaving. How are things going for you?
    Hey!! Im good how are you?? I'm thinking about starting up a small forum/website where we can chat and hang out just like the travelers den, but keep it separate from serebii so we don't have to worry about getting shut down... Again. Haha would you be interested? I want to hear what the travelers think before id launch the site.
    wow that would be mean, and two years? i got mine in one afternoon. im going after a shiny bulba now, 12 eggs in. im going to start a count at thirty and update each 30 i get. im breeding a male and a flawless ditto.
    i hope you get it... have you gotten a male one? isnt the ratio like 60/40? for male/female?
    its male :(. its lv16 but i ev reduced it.
    its quiet and i got grounded for screaming over it. i nned it sparkles ^_^
    its a normal eevee though, not dw or anything
    Oh ok lol. NVM then. I thought you just wanted a race, but i understand now. And from what ive heard, Onix are really hard to get to shine. :)
    It's alright. I needed someone to sing in the Finale, but it turns out that I don't need a girl to sing. I need a guy to sing and I decided to fill that role myself. I can tell it's gonna be bad.
    Lol it's fine... I can't imagine how frustrating it is to have done so many eggs without a shiny... I guess my good luck is payback for a whole heap of harder hunts I did a while ago (3 in a row were over 2000 eggs, which of course adds up to 6000, so it's kinda like what you are experiencing) Hope you get it soon!
    Ohhh my... Then you REALLY deserve one. =( I don't even think I could be as patient as you...

    Just wondering, is it 7,000 non shiny Eevee or 7,000 non female and/or shiny Eevee?
    You really deserve a shiny Eevee! After all you've been through... My longest MM hunt was 2,900 eggs or so and that took forever. I can't imagine what 6,000 eggs would be like. =O Hope you get the most perfectest female shiny Eevee ever! =)
    Oh man, you really do need that shiny eevee soon. I really hope you get it, 6k eggs are waaaay too much. I feel bad about my luck. XD
    I just want to let you know that sometimes, when I see you around, I unintentionally read your name as "needs-a-slime-green-espeon", and it makes me smile. So thank you for making my day :)
    Do you have any way of recording your voice? Because I want some voice acting done for the Finale of my recent Runthrough.
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