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Recent content by Neekerisanni123

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    Bad/Weird Habits While You Play?

    I always need to have at least two pokemon at lvl. 70 (or whatever's the highest level in my current team) with me, no matter what. And one of them HAS to know Fly. And I have to heal my pokemon whenever I go to a Pokemon Center, even if I'm just going to do stuff on the PC. It doesn't matter...
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    Your favorite quote from a Pokemon game?

    "Oops, dropped my balls!" "Heheh! This gym is great! It's full of women!" And that part in Pokémon Platinum, just when Giratina is about to drag Cyrus into the Distortion World. Cyrus said something about not allowing any "interferererererererererererererererere-!" That always made me laugh. :D
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    How old do you think Colress is?

    I guess he's twenty-something... or thirty. Maybe.
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    Most hated Evolutionary Line?

    I've never been a fan of Axew, Oshawott or Vanillite. I just don't like their designs. :/
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    Who has actually encoutered a shiny pokemon asides the freebies in games?

    I've encountered a shiny Graveler and a Rhydon in Crystal, a Zubat and a Ponyta in Diamond, and a Minccino in White 2.
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    Underloved Characters/Pokemon

    Sunkern needs more love. Just look at those adorable eyes... <3 _ <3
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    Which Gen had the worst starters?

    Gen V. I hate Oshawott's and its evolutions' designs, and Tepig's line is just plain boring. Another Fire/Fighting-starter, yay. >_> Snivy's line was the only one I liked, even though Serperior is rather poor. Which is really sad, I love Serperior :(
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    Ever played through a game with all Legendary's/Psuedo-Legendary's?

    I once played through Pearl using only a team of 6 legendaries - Rayquaza, Moltres, Suicune, Groudon, Shaymin and Latios. Just wanted to try something different, so I made up this totally random team and went with it. :D
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    What Pokemon Villain Are You?

    I'm Cyrus. :D Yay.
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    best rival

    Blue. "Smell ya later!"
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    Least Favourite of each Starter Trio?

    Kanto - Squirtle line. Charmander and Bulbasaur are my favorites, but Squirtle is... meh. Rather boring. Johto - Cyndaquil line. To me, Cyndaquil and its evolutions were always kind of weak. Hoenn - Mudkip line. Boring. Next. Sinnoh - Chimchar line. Another Fire/Fighting-type starter... yay...
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    Favorite Bug Pokemon in Unova?

    Joltik is the cutest thing ever. It's so fuzzy and squeaky and tiny and its eyes are so pretty and adorable and oh my god Also, CompoundEyes + Thunder = fun