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  • Hey Neferka, was it with you I was discussing embryological development and couldn't remember the terms that describe its progression? I think it was. In any case, I've just hit upon the terms I'd forgotten and wanted to record them here for posterity, lol. =P

    Cephalocaudal - the head and brain precede the rest of the body
    Proximodistal - near before far, or the center/trunk of the body before the extremities

    Though we'd have a reason to want the US presidency controlled by the creator of the universe for once. ;) Aha, it certainly would. Arceus can take on a great many different roles. =P

    Yes, the fall semester is generally finished. I've one last assignment to send in - electronically - but that's the last of it. I'm not aware the final word on grades, yet. I know for a fact I did not maintain a 4.0. ^_^;

    How has your season been, Neferka? Any exciting experiences or new things learned?

    Yes, it hasn't been often we've seen or heard from you lately. I was rather afraid you were gone for good. Glad to know you're alright. =)
    Can you get on MSN right now and talk?

    lots, but I'll could tell you more on MSN. I have something you're going to love

    Unfortunately for Mr. Cain, Arceus won the recent election.

    School is eye-opening. (In that it makes me wake up and get out of bed in the morning.) How are you, Neferka? =)
    I know almost a year since we met and became friends, and all I really want for Christmas is to talk with you again how we used to. Not that I don't love the tree, but I just super miss you.

    Will you ever be able to get back to our talks on MSN at those times?

    I miss you, and our boom boom times

    and I know. He's a tuff old Hound Dog at least

    No, but out and about. How long do you think before you're back?

    I miss our MSN chats and you.

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