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  • I'll have a read through it later. I didn't find it due to me personally not knowing a thing about Fairy Tale and that I don't tend to read crossover fics, but given the Pokemon section has no ash-greninja friendship fics (I'll have to sort that out myself), I'll definitely have a read of this :D
    Hey, look I'm really sorry about before. Sorry that I annoyed you with my posts. After looking back and thinking carefully about what others said, I realized that I was going about this the wrong way and I decided that I shouldn't stop supporting Ash because of previous experiences. You and the others made excellent points and I was too foolish to see it. I guess I was afraid of future disappointment. Anyway, sorry again about what happened.
    Oh, I remember that fiasco. They basically showed everything shippy in the preview with nothing else really when the episode aired. No "Date" really except for "it's almost if...we're out on a date!" I was disappointed by it because at the end of the day, Ash's density HP was still at 100%. And it kind of still is :x
    Nothin' much. Just waiting for school to start.

    Oh yeah! I forgot that was tomorrow. If Ash and Serena do dance together at some point, I don't think they will show it in the preview. I think it will show a lot of what's already known about the episode already.
    Must be serena.Now a days everybody is interested in Amourshipping except me.I am a rocketshipper.I dont like AshX Someone ships.But I kinda like negaishipping.But i dont think Ash ships will ever be a canon.I hope Rocketshipping becomes a canon.I dont care much about Ash ships actually.
    never watched BW..just a few episodes.I hated it except one thing.. Iris.Ash and iris are perfect for each other.
    No. I'm not very active on my fanfiction profile right now and it's pretty much completely empty. I need to put it back together :3
    No, but I'm sure I will at some point. I've never watched Fairy Tail before. I don't even know what it is.

    Do you know about my fanfiction profile?
    Yep...Here we go again.

    I watched the pilot in English, and I was cringing. Oh well, that's nothing new.

    As for what's new...Wrote and posted a few small things, had an emotional crisis, having a pretty sweet time now, and I'm exhausted.

    I prefer sub, because Citron is voiced by the seiyuu of Eren Jaegar. It just makes the experience more enjoyable.

    It's always good to keep writing. Keeps you in shape.
    There's controversy? Over what, exactly?

    They changed the writer for XY, I think. I have only seen up to episode 9, but Citron is great.

    I checked and wow, you've been doing things;;. Glad to see you're still uploading fresh things...
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