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  • Hi! Oh it's ok. You can barge in any time, that's what VM's are for after all. ;)

    Oh cool! I'll take a look at it! ^.^ I've never wrote a crossover before, but I've done a couple of crossover RPs lol.

    Aw thanks! I need to give you something ;-; but...I'm afraid I don't have much. I'll give you some virtual candy? XD Oh yeah...I hope everything is ok there. :c At least you can go over the weekend, that way you don't have to worry about school!~ Tuturu~

    Happy Halloween to you too! :D
    Yeah I know what you mean. Also when they would bold their words. I remember I trolled them hard an added them to my list. XD If you click on the user's profile the ignore list should be right under "send private messages" "add as friend." like on the bar with your profile pic. Hope that helps. :)
    I hope you don't mind me looking into your erm...issue with Vodor xD honestly, I'd just put Vodor on your ignore list (that's what I did) it really helps. ;)
    Your post about Axew does not prove much. The battles he get are few and far between. The distance between them is even farther when we don't count the ones against Scraggy and the ones that are not given a definite end.
    No problem. :) Really?! That's like an awesome thing to get during your birthday! \[^_^]/ Congrats!

    I'll try reading it later. ^^' I got ambushed with a lot of homework this week. :/
    Don't worry, we all need some break from writing. I'm currently on a writer's block myself, so I'm just not doing much quite yet.

    You're turning sixteen on Thursday? Congratulations, I hope you have fun!

    I read it. Its really cute and well-done for a crossover pairing, but you forgot to hit Enter on several occasions, and there were a few small other errors. But I enjoyed reading it!
    Personally I enjoy trolling him at times. In fact most of my reply's usually leave him off the thread in question for at least one day once my posts have been made a page back by others posting. Honestly I'm never sure if he's trolling or if he really just hates Trip or if he's a little kid and doesn't yet understand how the Pokémon anime works :/.
    Hey, before you leave, I was hoping that you can look at an outline of events that I had for the next part. Is it okay if I show it to you?
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