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Recent content by NegaiFreak

  1. NegaiFreak

    Mohn and Lillie: A Reunion on the Tundra! (1200)

    Probably one of the best, if not the best episode of the series. I'm glad no spoilers came out, because I was genuinely surprised to see the shiny Nihilego and Mohn's memory loss. Though, I probably should've guessed the latter would occur... But this was a beautiful episode. I was really...
  2. NegaiFreak

    A Clash?! BluePoké Maniacs! (1170)

    81 episodes into this series, and there's very few bright spots, unfortunately... Why we apparently needed to have this episode, I don't know. Goh got a shiny Voltorb, but that was about it. Everything else was just filler and unfunny.
  3. NegaiFreak

    POKÉTOON - Episode 8 now available!

    Kinda reminded me of Little Witch Academia with how the episode played out. Tsubomi's super cute. And I love that her partner ended up being a Nidoran rather than the usual starter or Pikachu. Yes, there was Charizard pandering, but I can let it slide. We definitely need more of this kind of...
  4. NegaiFreak

    Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)

    That's what Ash said if I recall! It was formed thanks in part to that Dragon Pulse and Dragonite's Hurricane.
  5. NegaiFreak

    Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)

    Dragonite takes the win thanks to a new Draco Meteor! Ash is now ranked 99th!
  6. NegaiFreak

    Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)

    Ooh, Ash's Dragonite just got wrecked by that Dragon Rush...
  7. NegaiFreak

    January 8th: PM2019 050 - Galar Fossils! Stick 'em Together!!

    -_- Can you not ruin the fun of a new episode after three weeks?
  8. NegaiFreak

    January 8th: PM2019 050 - Galar Fossils! Stick 'em Together!!

    BOOM! So glad Ash is getting Dracovish! And I figured Goh would get Arctozolt to even the score! Now to see how things led up to this!
  9. NegaiFreak

    December 4th: PM2019 048 - Almost Pikachu Crisis!

    *shudders* I just got reminded of that one Naruto filler seeing the predicament Lucario and Cinderace are in...
  10. NegaiFreak

    Dec 25th: M23 - Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco (Feb 28: Story/profiles)

    New trailer's up. And my goodness, this is shaping up to be a really good movie. Like, I'm not kidding. The music is already a joy to listen to, but I can already tell there's gonna be a lot of emotion out of this one.
  11. NegaiFreak

    VS Zapdos! Legendary Raid Battle!! (1129)

    Okay, really annoyed that apparently Ash forgot Electric-type moves don't affect Rhydon or Stunfisk when fighting Team Rocket. Even more annoyed that they didn't show how he ended up actually beating them... But on the upside, Zapdos wasn't caught. In fact, it was merely there to provide...
  12. NegaiFreak

    Ash VS Bea! Overcome Octolock! (1128)

    So we don't officially know Ash's current rank? That's... kind of annoying, to be honest. And yeah, if we were to see little Bea in a flashback, I'd much rather prefer her to be trained by her strict parents rather than Mustard, who's pretty lenient and kind. I'm just gonna gush over how cute...
  13. NegaiFreak

    Ash VS Bea! Overcome Octolock! (1128)

    Kind of shocked about the draw. But hey, if it means having Bea around longer to be Ash's female rival, I'm down for it. Speaking of whom, she was great this episode. Aside from her strict personality in battle, she was adorable with being a messy eater during that sweets-eating scene. And we...
  14. NegaiFreak

    Ash VS Bea! Overcome Octolock! (1128)

    And so Pikachu beats Hitmontop, like many were predicting. Episode started right off with getting us into the battle setting, which I like.
  15. NegaiFreak

    September 27th: PM2019 039 - Satoshi VS Saito! Overcome Octolock!!

    Not to mention Grapploct probably has Limber, so Pikachu wouldn't be able to do much in terms of paralyzing him...