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Jun 15, 2014
Likes Received:
Rusturf Tunnel

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Crimson Dragon, from Rusturf Tunnel

lvl999 FC mark 289, 961 FC Jun 19, 2018

    1. 99neil99
      Hey. I will trade you lots of my items for HA pokemon. Looking for a big trade so i can restart my game. Thanks
    2. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Hello there. Long time no talk. ^^

      I’m over halfway now to getting 1Million FC in UM. Just hit the 500K mark yesterday. ^^
    3. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Cool video. ^^ The other player is worse at battling than I am.
      Been a while since I've seen you play under Mizore. ^^
    4. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply. Been busy.
      I think you gave me a wrong code. I entered the one you posted and it said the battle video couldn't be found.
    5. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      I'm currently at 452,910 FC collected on UM, so that would be about 1,550 ish in rank if it went above 999. Gonna try to surpass 1,000,000 before gen 8 launches late next year.
    6. nel3
      lvl999 FC mark 289, 961 FC
    7. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Congrats on making it to Rank 999, Nelliel. :D
    8. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      I'd say at least 60% of level ups in Sun came without mission that others hosted or Plaza luck since for months now very few missions ever appear to play in. And I don't always have tents available. This is especially true for UM since the majority of attainable FC now come from plaza guests, and I hate the Battle Agency and won't play it anymore. Have been stuck at grade 7.
    9. Trainer Frankie
      Trainer Frankie
      ok thanks anyway :]
    10. Trainer Frankie
      Trainer Frankie
      Not sure if this is how visitor messages work with new forum setup. Anyway I was wondering if you had a (legit as always of course ^^ ) purrloin with pay day and assist moves and if so what level?
    11. LLR
      Nelson I don't know off the top of my head.
      It will be 2 or 3 days before I have a chance to check.
      I'll get back to you.
    12. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Thank you so much! I have a good chance of my character wearing the nurse's outfit tomorrow. :D
    13. nel3
      np, glad to help you out. im online now.
    14. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Alright I'll get ready. Thanks again. :)
    15. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Thank you. :D Yeah, I'll be available at 11am.
    16. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Hi Nelliel/Mizore; you wouldn't happen to have a druddigon on you? That and an ice stone for my sandshrew are the two things at this point standing between me and that nurse's outfit. I'm not looking to keep the druddigon; I just need a Dex entry.
    17. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      I'm actually not usually as active in the Plaza once I hit 999, but to answer your question, even I'm not fully sure. I think part of it is that I just like the communication features and seeing everyone else's avatars. Also, there's going to be a global mission that involves spending as many FC as possible. I'm gonna aim for a contribution of at least 250,000 FC. I currently have about 200K even on me atm.
    18. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      Yay I did it! :D
    19. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      **** the Battle Agency! I'm done. I'm totally stuck at grade 7 and I'm honestly having an easier and more fun time raising my Plaza rank the old fashioned way. ^^;
    20. Satoshi & Touko
      Satoshi & Touko
      I'm still level 4 in the agency; I keep procrastinating it. XD Probably because I'm not that interested in the battling. I'm not sure if I've asked before but is my character on your VIP list in USUM?

      I'm not even close to being done with my pokedex. I need about 120 more Pokemon. ^^; I gotta work on that.
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    Rusturf Tunnel
    Favourite Pokémon:


    ;330; ;083; ;282;
    3ds fc: 3926 6866-2593 ign (XY) Nelliel, fighting: Sawk Machoke Tyrogue. polar pattern Vivillion, ign sun: Nelliel
    2ds FC is 4485-2497-2628 with bermite, delibird, cloyster, Mizore (UM)

    Pokemon: it's terminal...