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  • I'm still level 4 in the agency; I keep procrastinating it. XD Probably because I'm not that interested in the battling. I'm not sure if I've asked before but is my character on your VIP list in USUM?

    I'm not even close to being done with my pokedex. I need about 120 more Pokemon. ^^; I gotta work on that.
    You're welcome. Good job on your Plaza rank btw. 606 is the highest I've seen in USUM aside from mine. (803 for me atm).
    Thank God. Sadly I don’t have that Vivillion (trying to complete this myself), but I do have a female Friend Ball Gloom I just transferred from Heart Gold, so Oddish should be readily breedable from that.

    I am available tomorrow or Friday from 12-4, I’m also eastern time zone. Does 2pm tomorrow work? My FC is 0748-2792-4586, trade is for Gen 7.
    That would be perfect, I don’t need the ability just the ball. What do you want in return/when are you available to trade?
    That's cool. I haven't been getting a lot of Festival Plaza fortunes lately. I've been meaning to continue with the battle agency, but I keep procrastinating it, lol. In my last couple of rounds I did team up with a player at grade 25 and one at 21.
    Thanks. I found that certain z-poses if I take the shot at the right time, are useful for showing off my character's outfits.
    That's cool. The third and fourth shiny Fennekins I managed to hatch are both female. I've cleared one of two major obstacles on getting Shiny variants of Serena's team from the anime. :D

    Btw have you been able to see my US character at all and look at her Alola Photo Club picture? If I still had my computer, I'd start a thread for posting Photo Club pics.
    Cool. I'm only Level 4 right now, but I find myself less intimidated by the Battle Agency than I do with the Spot or Tree. I think it's because I'm not using my own Pokemon.
    You're very welcome, glad I could help! Yeah, those were some of my better breedjects from my old MM hunts haha. Thanks again!
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