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  • lol I got a "your luck may improve a whole lot" for Festival Plaza today and with each set of guests I run through, I'm ranking up 4-6 times. One of my VIPs gave my 405FC for the "I want to meet" thingy. And going up a grade at the Battle Agency is giving me 2-3 rank ups each.
    Np, I'll add your FC. I'll be available tomorrow anytime after 5ish (Pacific time). Let me know if this works for you, if not we can try to set up a different time.
    Hi! Unfortunately my pattern is Modern, so I'm not sure I'll be of much help, but here is my FC anyway in case you or anyone else needs it: 0619-4232-9176 Best of luck!
    You're welcome.

    I'm unable to post a pic because I'm typing on my phone, but i recently created a new photo in Alola Photo Club of my character wearing the Lurantis outfit and I can't wait till others online in Festival Plaza see it. XD
    Assuming I'm understanding your question correctly... I don't think it matters which surf spot you decide to surf to from the Poni Island one, just as long as you beat the top score, which I believe is about 58,000.

    If I did not understand correctly what you asked, I'm really sorry; I'm trying my best. ^^;
    According to the information on the main Serebii page, the fifth move requires you to beat the top score in three of the courses.
    You're going to want to make sharper transitions. After you've climbed up near the top of the wave, you want a sharp angle going back down the wave. Then ride back up to near the top of the wave and repeat. When riding up the wave, you ultimately want to get real close to the top of the wave. And when riding down the wave, you want to get close to the bottom of it (while not running into obstacles of course).
    I'm kinda disappointed that the Plaza is so much easier to level up because now that magic 999 ranking isn't going to be as special anymore. :/
    I got both those days off as well, so I can be online at pretty much any time. Just like before, by IGN is Ayla. Btw is your character's name Mizore this time around?
    No, it was Frankie. And Thanks for the trade.

    I do want to say though I do not appreciate your comment "for future reference, i cant just give you certain higher value items for free. im just giving you what i can spare or have no current use for. you'll need to get your megastones and other BP items for yourself." It's like you assume I'm asking for everything for free. I'm not. First off the last time we traded you literally said "im glad to help you get what you need. if i have access to to extra item you need send a vm." So yes, I asked if you had spare because you said ask. And here I'm getting called out like I'm someone going around for handouts. I never automatically assume the trades are one sided and expect those I'm trading with to, without attitude, talk with me regarding the complete trade such as by asking if I have an item or something I can provide on my end.
    They're both 3ds so Idk how your differentiating them. The one I'm on is 0130 1895 4048. The other one is the main one I use for gen 6, this is the one currently using for gen 7 since all my extra stuff is in the game tied to that system
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