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neo darkrai
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  • Hey your inbox is full so I couldn't send this message!
    Hello! No worries! I didn't think I would be able to catch him this morning but I was able to! 7:30 sounds great! I'll add your FC and be on then :)
    I have a 3gen Jirachi in a Pokeball for trade if you still lookibg for one. What are you offering for it?
    Sweet! I still cant play X or Y cuz I dont have a DS but I sometimes breed/train on my cousins copy of X so I can sometimes use that one, in the mean time I'm using PO :)
    Hey Neo! Hope youre ok :) I just came back from the dead lol being dsless sucks so I got a bit bored and went inactive but I'm back now. I joined Ger's new clan and there seems to be plenty Legacy/Ascension members, who knows, maybe some more will join. Anyways hope to talk to you again. Hmu whenever you want :) ttyl
    I guess for now we can just hope that SD wins 1 match so we don't have to organize this. That VM you sent me, was at 1:38 in the morning...
    In around 14 hours time, so 1:30-2 GMT+10 until the end of the day maybe. Possibly earlier, it kinda depends on the weather. :p
    I cried at that part. But Kuni made me mad. We spent the whole game looking for him, and when we do, he says; Oh! Hey! Thanks for finding me! But I have to go off on my own adventure! See ya." Pain. In. The. ***. Ah well. I've loved the style of the game. I really need to replay it. Um.. Her name doesn't come to mind.. But the child actress was my favorite to battle with.
    Lol. I've reached Episode 15. I did notice that in my newsfeed, you had favorited some Okami Den music. Did you play that game? If you had favorited the music... then you must have played. I feel stupid now. That's actually one of my favorite games. Besides the ending. >.<
    I'm going to continue watching until my Internet Card overheats for the day.
    Woo! Thanks!! I want my Eevee. (-.-) I haven't ran into one yet in Platinum so I can't chain. I'm fixing to kill every single Staravia, Pichu, and Kricketune that comes up instead. I'm tired of seeing them. I'm almost mad enough to go hatch the remaining 3 and a half boxes.
    Dude... That is intense! I wanna play now. Another by the way. You should like The Hulk when you say SMAASSHHH!! It's funny.
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