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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Congrats, you've been Accepted in the hunger games RPG!

    Check back to the SU to know when it starts! :)
    Voice acting, huh, going to turn it into a career or it's just for fun?

    By the way I was looking through my drawings, and I found a picture I drew for Creature Feature RPG you and Ze Cookie Fairy made that never started. I only got the cute ones I think I might find the thread and draw the remain characters that joined.
    If a lazy procrastinator like me can get through High school with most body pieces intact, I'm pretty sure you can too, hehe. And trust me, college isn't that easy either. I have four journal works for the same class due next week, four copies of a personal essay draft due tomorrow (and I haven't even done it yet), and a couple of research projects (thankfully due two-three weeks from now). I do get homesick, but it's still fun to be overseas.
    Hey, Neon! Man, I heard from you in how long? Well, I guess that's my fault too; I disappeared too, hahaha! I just revived myself- again!

    And I'm doing pretty good for someone who has to stay away from his home country for about a year. I just became an international college student. >.<
    Neon, hey! I was thinking about how I miss my old Roleplaying buddy, so I thought I leave you a visitor message. How ya been doin'?
    Happy Belated Birthday. Yeah two days off I'm getting closer *makes rock sign and head bangs*
    Well, more than just a while! XP I joined here only to find you. Had seen you saying what your username was on Aisen, and so tried my luck. Et voila, here you are! XD How have you been 'til now? And do you have MSN?
    Heh, I agree with the homework bit. Homework and break / vacation should never be put together in a sentence. And with, please feel free to ignore the irony of them being in that same sentence.

    And I'm guessing you spotted my idea in the old RPG Ideas thread, unless you just saw it in the profiles. Sad to say I'm not sure if you'll get to use your character though. 'Sides, it's still rough around the edges. You can cross your fingers though; it's been nagging me to finish it...among other ideas. (>.>). Now if I can only remember the many other ideas I had while I was MIA. I'm sure I'll remember one that will bother me to start one way or another.
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