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  • Yep. Revived, but not fully healed, haha.
    I'm doing fine as far as my mind can tell. School's been pulling me up, down, left, right, (insert imaginary direction between up, down and left at the same time here), and repeat. At least it keeps things interesting.
    How 'bout you?
    Hey Neon, I think you should sign up to this its looking to be a pretty good rpg link
    I edited my history, I knew it wouldn't make sense because of the whole wall ordeal, so I changed mother to a maid she personally liked, but was taken away. I hope that the sign up is still acceptable that way. xD I just wanted to verify my post that's all.
    ... I had the weirdest dream about your RPG. I went on it and it had three pages. I went to the front page and there actually less people on it and the intelligent area just had a five in one of the slot. I woke up and just had to say that was strange dreams XD I thought I share that with you.

    Anyways after working all day on my sign-up it completed well I completed many of them but I picked the one I liked most.
    Neon, hows it going? I agree with you on all the rpgs dying and am wondering if there are any plans for you to bring back guardians?
    For some reason, you're not on my Friends List anymore. I didn't break the friendship or anything, just thought it was worth mentioning.
    I haven't given up on Oaken Falls yet. Just a lot of downtime. :( I'm starting my senior year, and I just moved from Colorado to Washington. Big changes = little leisure time. Dx
    Maybe we're taking over Serebii. >=D

    Or... we just aren't seeing the massive population of the other side of the world. ):
    Ah, now there's a difference. xP

    I'm Filipino (Philippines). D: And... uh... that's NEAR Australia. XD
    OMG you are RPer too! 8DDD

    We should be friends again there! YAAAAAY!! -sorry for feeling hyper again-
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