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  • Yesh youse is so here one to cheer you up :D. I agree about the rpg forum, well, dying... yeah ;n;
    Yay! BIRTHDAYS FTW. I'm fifteen and something months old. And I hate sick. Except when it kills school. Then I love sick. ^^

    Fweee. That is such a cute noise. *steals*
    PARODIES. I luff them. :3

    Shall finish reading the entire thing when I has time, but it made me laaaaugh.

    So you are a closet reader! Yaaaay. I shall make you a T-shirt to go with your faux fur coat.

    How goes it?

    2 hours till doom and cramming 30 minutes of comp time 8D

    anyways I thought it was orthodontist.. is it orthopedist? orthopod? >.> WHY DO DOCTORS HAVE MORE NAMES THEN ANIMALS
    Thanks I just got to say I'm finally free no more work that is need to be done just because I have to pass. Though it kind of sad that you may never see some of the people met at school ever again... Hopefully my friends and I will still talk and hang out.
    well I was thinkg of a better reason then to just have Lucario suddenly be a legendery, but perhaps their race was involved in the war and a small more poweful group of them was affected? meaning there would be like three Lucarios or someting. But I don't know, why not fill out a character sheet and let me decide? PM me it.
    Ah so the same boat then interesting :D Also what's your thoughts on the nonsense game now that its come back to life? (struck me as your sort of rpg)
    Now now don't start a fight with the wee kiddies, Pikachu can be awsome or he can suck depends on who trains him ;p. Ah so your not a closet fan ay? I'am though only for the games and thats down to my age.
    D: I want that power! Teach me oh sensei *bows* X3

    Oh yeah hows cookie doing? I miss Graudians TTnTT
    I've seen Spirited Away!
    Well, I think I have. Is it the one with the guy whose the dragon and there's a hamster?
    I think I saw it in Art class once XD
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