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  • LOL It good to see that your still alive I'll be looking foward to next RPG you two make. I'm taking exams too, only two more days of it and then... I'll possibly graduate high school... Algebra III grade isn't looking too good... I have to study hard or I'll be banished to..... Summer School! *shivers and crawls into a corner at the very thought of it*

    Oh I read the RPG that you're thinking of making... I would but the cute but evil one if I get there early enough to choose.
    That's who you are really... wow don't know why I couldn't connect that. When people change their names I get slightly thrown off. Thank you for tell me, So have you heard anything from Ze Cookie Fairy, lately?
    It's Bao Dragonite which if I recall correctly she showed herself as on tv once (haven't seen) via a peice of blue paper. Anyway I'm Jealious Neon your cooment box has more cooments then mine.
    ..... Okay it going to kill me inside but what was your name before? We were in Spellbinder Creatures together (I know because was looking through the old dead RPG). No matter how hard my I strain my brain I cannot connect you to your previous name. Please tell me or I might go crazy and not the good kind of crazy.
    depends on how people want to play them. I'm not going to force people to make their characters a certian way because of canon. Other then Latios and Latias sticking to their original genders. But it would be nice if people did take into account the Legenderies previous lore and such.

    Your character may feel motherly? I don't know. :p up to you how she would react. Then again she may not notice anything at all.
    Heh. Well, I don't know what your posts were like before (too lazy atm to check), but you seem fine, now. Then again, as long as you're not some annoying illiterate, we'll get along fine. You seem cool. =D
    Thanks, got your signup. Its ok if it was late, I wasn't paying attention anyway. I was kinda busy. It was very nice, thannks for joining.
    I can see cries of "this is SEREBII!" filling these comnmenty boxes :D and who doesn't love a pointless agrueement?
    Somehow, I fear this will lead to a Spartacus situation.

    "I have a comment place!"

    "No, I have a comment place!"
    Why yes you do and thanks for commenting on mine... um... er... cookie? *holds up one*
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