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Recent content by NeonGardevoir

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    ~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

    Last night I caught Rotom and I was going to replace Luxio with him,but I decided not to. My team: Grotle(Leaf) Luxio(Flash) Golbat(Bat Girl) Psyduck(Ducky) Bibarel(Beaver) Eevee(Midnight) Right now I'm in Hearthome City and I'm going to go to the gym after I train a little bit more.
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    ~ Official Platinum Recent Happenings Thread [2.0] ~ [Read 1st Post]

    I got Platinum yesterday and right now I'm in Floaroma Town. My team: Zubat(Bat Girl) Shinx(Flash) Turtwig(Leaf) Bidoof Psyduck(Ducky) I'm going to go train my Pokemon some more before I get any farther in the game.
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I just got Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories today and I like it so far.
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    What Trainer Are You In R/S/E?

    No one has my name in R/S/E. But in D/P there is an Ace Trainer that has my name.She has a Delcatty and a Yanma.
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    Where's Your Secret Base?

    I moved mine a few days ago.It is now west of Fallabor,on an island.
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    9999 Things To Do When You're Bored

    677)Eat ice cream.
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    Gender Race!!!!

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    Word Relation - Pokemon and Beyond

    Super Mario World!
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    Gender Race!!!!

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    Boy or Girl

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    Official 'Claim Your Favorite Video Game Character' Topic V3

    Demyx / Kingdom Hearts 2 - NeonGardevoir (11/24/2008)
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    SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...

    You get a paper star. *inserts coin*
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    Mystery Dungeon 2 Recent Happenings Thread ~ READ FIRST POST

    Yesterday,I went to World Abyss and did four different missions and it wasn't fun AT ALL. I only had a few Reviver seeds with me because I thought I had enough,but I was wrong.I had forgotten why I hated this place and the Consealed Ruins so much,Nidoqueens.Why are they so bad?Its because...
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    Who was lucky enough to make it to Mirage Island?

    I never made it. Oh well,it doesn't really matter.
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    Gender Race!!!!