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  • Yeah, I honestly think you're right there. Thing is, unless you're a veteran member at that forum, people won't take you seriously.
    Well, I hope you're right.

    Anyway, here's the completed map. Ironjaw, Northmarch, and Feather Islands are what I intended to be the "starting" islands, but that's really up to you if you want to do it that way.
    I checked and it seems like you're right, they have been talking it over. Not sure why the discussion thread has been so silent then.

    Since you're pretty die-hard about this whole thing, I'll finish the map, but please, don't let it go to waste this time. I work my butt off on these things and having it go to waste just sucks.
    Personally, I would say ditch it for both Serebii and PE2K. Just as a forewarning, PC has a weird and a bit of an annoying RP approval system.

    It's up to you though, dude, I've totally given up on this thing due to my schedule, lack of interest, and seeing as how it's just not getting a great reception on other forums besides GTS+.
    I got about 2/3 through it. I could finish it in maybe an hour, but after checking the discussion thread, it just seems like PE2K and Serebii aren't interested in this, and that's kind of why I haven't really been jumping to get this done. If they're not interested, you really don't have an inter-forum RP. The only option left may just be to try getting two different forums instead of PE2K and Serebii, or release this on GTS+ as its own standalone RP, but that's your call. Personally, I don't think it's going to gather much interest like that, however. Not unless you revise the whole thing.

    If you want to host it on GTS+ as a standard RP, I'll finish up the map, although I think it would be a good idea to revise the whole thing to address that. Or, if you want to try getting two other forums into it instead, that works alright too, as long as they show interest. Otherwise, if you really don't want to do that, I think it would just be best to let it go. To be honest, Serebii isn't big on major RPs, and PE2K is a dead stick.

    Let me know what you plan on doing. But please, think this over carefully, I'd hate to spend another one to two hours making the map and then have the whole thing go to waste anyway. I've had that happen before and it's irritating.
    First off, I really don't want anything to do with PE2K. Especially its role playing. And ESPECIALLY with Metal. Sorry dude, but if I do this, it will imply I'm co-running this project and I already explained why I don't really want to do that. Not to mention I can't answer questions on your behalf, you're the organizer and I've already explained that the two of us have very different ways of handling RP things. And lastly, I've finally severed all ties and bindings I have with PE2K now that the WAR is finally over and I have no intention of going back. This would throw me right back into to that forum. Sorry dude, but I'd like to back out of this one.

    Three days to be away is definitely not that long, I don't think that's going to be a big deal for you to be away for a few days.
    Well, I'm just curious, what makes this game better than Minecraft? And yeah, don't mind me saying, but the graphics on this thing make an Excel spreadsheet look like Skyrim in comparison. A game made of ASCII characters is as low as you can possibly go.
    That's... a hell of a lot to read. I read the intro, but I'm not really the Minecraft kind of player, and from what I read, it seems a bit like that.
    As long as you don't need them immediately. I have two vacations and a few other things planned around August, so I may not be around when you make the request.

    But hey, thanks for understanding.
    Alright, then having each city contain some special "Wonder of the World" thing sounds like a good idea, such as yeah, that magic fountain, special tower, whatever. And each city has a different kind of theme to it, but the natives are all over it. As far as city themes go, I had two in mind, one that's seemingly in the clouds and almost looks celestial, while one of the others could actually be underwater, but for some magic reason, the water is breathable by any Pokemon. I'll try to come up with some others though.
    In terms of the Seven Cities of Gold? Drawing a bit of a blank. The other thing I'm not sure about is if you want these to be literal cities, or if you just want them to be something more like Seven Wonders of the World, which might actually be easier and more interesting to work with. In those terms, they could be something like a fountain that grants strange and interesting powers (beneficial, of course), a ruins that contains interesting lost artifacts, a crystal caverns with powerful magic or something, and stuff like that. Or, we could make that in addition to seven literal cities that may not all be of gold, but would have something unique and wondrous about them that separates them from the others.

    I dunno, what are your thoughts on this?
    Hey, welcome back, dude. Hope you had a great vacation. Haven't played Civ 5 myself, mostly playing Diablo III at the current moment.

    As for the RP, well, we'll talk about it.
    Well, I left the RP myself, as well as the WAR team I was on that had Metal's girlfriend Grassy as the team leader. Felt like I was taking a massive weight off of my shoulders. The drama, the butt-kissing, the stupid chats going on and on until 2:30AM... seriously, good riddance. These people are insane. The only thing I'm sticking around for is to judge Graphic Art, because I agreed to do that, and just dropping it would make me look like a jerk.

    I kind of wish we could host the forum wars between Serebii and GTS+, but unfortunately, neither of us are mods of one or the other.
    Hate to say it, but imitation is still flattery to him. Truthfully, I think the right path is to just quit the RP, quit the WAR, and get off of PE2K again. I regret coming back to it with all that has happened.
    And now Bron just got banned from the RP as well. He's horribly depressed about it to boot. Given, he has pissed off Metal and his team leader Grassy for quite some time, so I can't say I'm all that surprised about the result. While I agree that Bron was really pushing their buttons and probably deserved to be kicked out for what he did, the rather heartless way they slandered him after the ban was pretty alarming. Definitely not the kind of crew I want to be hanging around for very much longer.

    I'll be honest though, I've never seen this many people banned, kicked, and punished in an RP before. The really alarming thing is Metal enjoys the hell out of it...
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