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  • Two players, two sides. One is Light, one is Dark.
    In the end Dark shall prevail. Light will be no more.
    yeahhhh true. but wait cant you breed a shiny with a ditto or non shiny with a higher rate of getting a shiny? idk. whatever. i'll worry about that when the time comes. right now its Shinx and Giratina time. lol by the way, you wouldnt happen to have an event arceus would you?
    ummm.. I'm new to this whole forum thing. so idont really know what that means. haha
    i've been just looking in the wild near jubilife. i was gonna breed, but hatching takes too long.
    i would love to know what you mean by chaining and that method. i dont wanna be a noob anymore. :] haha
    dude congratulations on the shiny shinx.
    i'm currently on the Hunt for one and no luck yet.
    but a shiny shinx with ice fang? thats beautiful.
    very good job.
    and good luck fellow trainer!
    Thanks. I'm gonna evolve it to Kingdra of course. Have you got any shiny via MM?
    Anyway, congrats on your shiny cacnea too, it's something to proud of.
    You should keep one and don't evolve it.^^

    Good luck on your other hunts, I'll get back to chaining when I get the will.
    You can feel that its almost over. Secrets being revealed, Sun and Jin together, Widmore and Dersmond, on the Island, Hundreds of guest apperances....
    To me, it's the best fictional story ever told. Hands down. I freaked out when I learned one of my favorite bands watches it. And when it was in my school yearbook. ALready, I've gotten four people into it.

    I'll definitely be sad when it ends, but Lost is one of those stories that needs an ending. I just hope it's the best ending possible!
    Lol I just saw the Lost thing in your sig. I immediately knew it as John Locke. Guess I was beat to it!

    Yesterday marked the day of only one month left!!
    I'm about as big of a fan of LOST as I am with Pokemon, and that reference is a pretty easy one to catch.
    Enjoy this last season!
    Hey, I like your banner. I'm on the side of free speculation, but still I'm flattered to see an anti-light type banner.
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