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  • Wow long time no see! I've been alright, took a long break from serebii myself but now I'm back on the competitive scene and I joined a new clan since black ice died :(. What about you?
    Hi dude! I'm back! I'm just wondering if you'll still clone for me like we did before. If so I have a job for you right away :).
    Wow hi, yeah it's been forever since we last talked. I will have to look over our trade to see which ones I still want or need, I think I have gotten several of them from other sources. Give me a couple days to figure out what we are doing for this trade.
    Hey Nevlo, you think we'll ever get our trade done. I wanted to ask you what the ability of your adamant karrablast is. Also, I need to switch out a couple of the pokemon that I was originally getting from you since I have gotten a couple of them from some other sources.
    Ok yeah I figured since it's been forever since you've contacted me, our trade will be on hold for a while. just keep me posted.
    I am glad to see that you're back. While you were away I ended up getting an adamant karablast while you were away. But I would still like to do our 8 for 8 trade from before. Instead of the karablst though, can I just get the VGC Eevee? Let me know if this is ok with you and VM me when you are ready to trade.
    Not trying to spam nevlo, but where are you? You promised to ev erase and train for me. Come online soon please!
    EDIT: Im getting someone else to train haxorus and bagon. Its alright then thanks anyway ...if you're online and can train b4 the other guy then I'll let you train. Hope to see you soon...
    Nevlo, would you be able to make it for EV training tomorrow night GMT+8 9.30-10pm? I'll probably be online then, then you can ev train the two(or three?) pokes. Ty
    Would you be able to make it tonight 9.30pm gmt +8 to ev train for me? So once again, it is scizor, haxorus and bagon right? Or was it just the scizor and haxorus? I honestly forgot. Lol
    Hi, I would like to ask if you got a Dream World Dragonite like this:
    Egg Moves Extreme Speed
    Evs: 252 speed, 252 attack, 4hp

    If you got one, please tell me what pokemon are you looking for, so i can help u in return as well!

    Check my trade thread too!
    VM me today if you can trade. I will be out of town starting tomorrow and for the next 3 days so if we can't fit this trade in today, it'll have to wait maybe until the weekend.
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