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Last Activity:
Mar 15, 2012
Jan 13, 2012
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Dark PokeUser, from In an Igloo

NewbieCollector was last seen:
Mar 15, 2012
    1. Squirel Princess
      Squirel Princess
      lol... what r u talking about
    2. Squirel Princess
      Squirel Princess
      in my shop im giving them away. its modest btw ^_^
    3. Squirel Princess
      Squirel Princess
      hey, i can give u a free flawless ditto :)
    4. snivy trainer
      snivy trainer
      I am interested in your DW eevee. I am willing to trade a shiny deoxys for it.
    5. NewbieCollector
      I apologize for my absents for those who are keeping an eye on my signature/profile/website. I've been having connection problems for the past few days. It's not messing up now, So I can do trades now.
    6. NewbieCollector
      Note to all those who read this, My japanese Eevee hates me! D: It refuses to have a girl. So, I will not be trading a female dw eevee until I have a few spares at least. Out of 120 eggs, I've recieved two females without dw ability.
      Though I'm apparently getting male dw eevee's with 3 Perfect IV's in various stats. So pm me if you're interested in an IV bred Male DW eevee
    7. Tenebris
      too many peopleon wfc. might take some trying to connect
    8. himynameisAD
      ah okay, nevermind. thanks a lot for the trade.
    9. himynameisAD
      i am ready whenever you are.
    10. himynameisAD
      i should be available for the rest of the night. i can get on wifi whenever you can.
    11. himynameisAD
      i can trade you a fire stone for a bulbasaur then. what time can you trade me?
    12. himynameisAD
      i actually don't need pokerus anymore. but if you have a bulbasaur, totodile, chikorita or turtwig, i would be willing to trade a fire stone for one of those.
    13. blockhead573
      thank you so much for that shinx.
    14. question mark
      question mark
      do you still need bellsprout or you could pm me what else you need i might have it
    15. himynameisAD
      okay sounds good. when would you be available to trade?
    16. himynameisAD
      hello, do you still need a fire or moon stone? i'll trade you one for a chatot or pokerus if you have those.
    17. PokeCrossbow
      Hey mate, transferred alot of pokemons from my diamond and can trade you the rest of pokemons you are looking for, msg me when you are free so we can discuss :P
    18. Matt36
      Hey, are you interested in;

      Weepinbell - Level 51 - Jolly - Female
      Victreebel - Level 51 - Lonely - Female
    19. ShinyOne.
      Year of the Dragon Shiny Horsea Giveaway! Click Horsea to enter!

    20. KantoMasta
      im sorry but something came up and i gtg, well have to try again
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  • About

    Home Page:
    In an Igloo
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Riding Polar Bears


    I am a new Pokemon Collector. My collection started on January 12th, 2012. I will be collecting with the Generation V games. My collection will grow in time.

    Trade Status - Not Available
    I will change this when I am here or not. I can do trades when it says that I am available. Please be pacient, because I may be busy with something else.

    Shiny Hunts - I like shiny things. >:p
    Charmander - Shiny at 149th egg MM
    Zorua 190 eggs MM
    Eevee DW, 170 eggs

    Others obtained
    Shiny Beldum x2
    Shiny Staryu
    Shiny Ralts
    Event Druddigon
    Shiny Oshowott x2

    For more info about what I'm looking for and what I have, here is my site.