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  • Hey, i was reading the thread about shinies and saw you RNG, could you help me find out my secret id?
    Actually, where abouts in America do you live as the times are different in different places in America?
    I got the message at 11.48, so yeah near 12.
    Erm, give me a minute and I'll try and figure out a time for both of us.
    The SerebiiForums time is at the bottom, and I live in England.
    Which makes it abit harder.
    Interesting egg moves are basically any standard egg move pokemon you would very often see, for example a LOT of Salamence carry dragon dance but it's an egg move, same thing for Tyranitar, and Skarmory typically have whirlwind & a flying egg move. Basically anything that I can use in breeding shinys with great IVs :)

    Anyway, I may be able to come up with a list of stuff that comes from the battle frontier that I'll be interested in, a 5x 31 jolly Nincada's worth, if you like?
    Oh it's no problem, but a better question would be "Can you affoard it?"

    The list of what I need may well be changing substantially tonight, I'm unsure. The pokemon I need definately won't be changing though if you have any of those?
    You don't mess around, huh? :)

    If you have any male of the family that already contains those three moves for the egg then I'm sure we can work something out, otherwise why don't you use a TM for those? Seems like an uneeded extra :/
    If you want to join my team, go to the team page (link in my sig), read the rules, then PM, ok?
    check my post on the batch shiny thread....actually, that was a typo i dont need the scyther i need a shiny mr mime with soundproof and a calm nature
    Yeah, me too (about 3 years) I've played bass for about 5 years before that too though, so guitar wasn't thaty big of a step. Oh, and please dont' D/C. Just hit run. :) I've already hit it, so as soon as you do, the battle will end.
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