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  • Two years? Well I guess you are gone... well it was nice knowing you for as long as I did. Take care Nickvelge
    Well have a Happy 4th of July now, I know you haven't been on since 2014, but I hope you see it anyways :(
    I guess your not coming back here since it has almost been a year since your last log-on :( Well it was nice to have known you in the first place, but I still hope you come back someday.
    Happy first day of Spring

    Sorry for the late reply back now ^^; Anyways doing alright, can't really complain. I just got my Meloetta today, so happy with that. Though haven't been playing pokemon quite as much, if at all for a bit. Been a little bord with it. But it will pass, I just need to get away from it for a bit.
    Hey, what have you've been up to? I can't wait till B/W II comes out, which is only a few weeks away ^^ And we get a free Genosect as well, could this game get better?
    I love those three pokes and Kyogre is my top 5 favorite pokemon. I love him, Latias, and Mew equally. Not sure who I like more out of the three legends though. I mean I love Mew's cuteness and the way it says it's name and Latias is basically the same as mew, but I also like the design of Latias as well, for Kyogre, I love the color blue, rain, and how it's a whale and just an overall cool pokemon Red has made fun of me for likeing Kyogre, but only because he likes Groudon and I like his oppoent, which he finds funny. But bascally we both like those two almost equally, but we both love Rayquaza the same, since where both dragon lovers :D I'm glad to hear he has helped you out, he has helped a lot of folks from the web. He truely is a kind person. Though all the EV stuff and IV is over my head ^^; So I let him do most of my training, which I feel bad since I don't train that much myself :( I sometimes feel like I'm not really a good trainer and I'm only good because they were breed by someone else... Also I will tell you if I get the spot in his league, I just hope I do, but I will be making badges up and designing real ones maybe ^^ So I will have fun with that. Also don't worry about the late replies, it's alright and thank you for accepting my friend request as well.
    Don't worry about it, sorry for my super late reply ^^; Also lucky... I'm still stuck in collage for the next two years or so. I like special attackers, but I'm not sure to be compleltly honest ^^; I like buly pokes since I'm as skilled as my BF is. He charges in with pokes like garchomp and other hard hitters with out fear, me now I like to play with bulk pokes on at least pokes who can increase thier def and then attack. I sorta play it safe, which kinda makes me lose in the first place ^^; But BF Redace has told me that my way of battling is perfectly fine, but I need to be a little more on the attack as well. So I guess it's the quote your best def is a good attack or something like that ^^; I mean I rule when I use my Mienshao :D She has kicked some many pokemon in battle subway and some of my BF pokemon, he breed her himself which is kinda sad having the very pokemon you've breed from an egg beat up yours, but he says it's okay. He's proud to see it has come along so well. Sorry I get so much into it, I know it's a game, but somtime you can't but feel for it sometimes ^^; But my Mienshao is just fast and hits hard.
    Hey they seem to be releasing Genosect for when B/W II is released, hopefully you won't get screwed over like you did with keldeo :/
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