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  • A friend of mine doesn't believe your statement that only a few movies will be remembered for future generations while the rest are forgotten. She told me that when movies get forgotten, then another movie made later takes its place. Do you think that's true, or is it an example of history repeating itself?
    Ah. Nooo way. I hate it when people don't know how to sprite. I might have stolen a few poses, but other than that, they're 100% scratch.
    no problem ^^ i would never make a video of me being a Pokemon trainer...to scared and shy for it XD
    I figured those needed the most work, so I'd start with them. I just really want to try and make the forums nice and clean.
    Awesome. Thanks. I'll get around to 'em after I get back from my vacation. Probably will give Blind Guardian the first shot.

    As for anime, check out anything in my collection and see what strikes your fancy by way of plot summaries and/or art, I guess.

    As for drummers: ha, yeah, I'd understand that. I actually asked because I mostly tend to pay attention to drummers in rock and the various forms of punk (hardcore, emo, metalcore) more than metal (mostly due to the reason you mentioned). Drummers like Bill Bruford, Gavin Harrison, Charlie Zeleny, Caleb Collins (new drummer for Circle Takes the Square), etc. get the most attention and praise from someone like me.

    I'm willing to listen to some power metal if you'd open to some anime suggestions. :p

    Also, curious: as a drummer yourself, who do you consider to be among the elite in music?
    I play punk. Joey doesn't do anything bad, but there's nothing he does good, either. Everything he plays is some sort of standard fast constant double bass beat and his fills are always nothing more than simple snare/tom and double bass kicks. Everyone treats him like God's gift to drummer's everywhere just because they never actually heard a real drummer playing the double bass heavy style that he does. Compare him to someone like Derek Roddy or Marco Pitruzzella and you'll see that Joey's style is tight, but still elementary.

    I do appreciate some of his work that he's done with other bands like Satyricon, but he's overrated to the point of absurdity and I can't stand it.
    Joey has played with Slipknot, Metallica, Murderdolls, Ministry, KoRn, OTEP, Roadrunner United, Satyricon, American Head Charge, 3 Inches Of Blood, Marilyn Manson, and more. His style is not constant double bass, he does what's called for in songs and in solos he switches things up.

    It's not like everyone who's a fan of his has never seen other drummers, as a drummer myself, I idolize and respect guys like Derek Roddy, George Kollias, Zbigniew Robert Promiński (aka Inferno), and Gene Hoglan too, I just prefer Joey Jordison.

    Really, it's a matter of personal opinion. You don't know the full extent of his ability, neither do I. That's the case with every drummer I listed. People get better and better every day, who's to say who's better?
    Are you kidding? Same thing here ._.! Well, for me, it's my father, but heh. Anyway, he bought something to kill them. Like, it's some sort of powder that you put between cracks and all that. <~
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