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  • Of course you did, that is why I call upon the Delibird Super-Christmas spirit.... thing!
    .... You have a broken toe? Auch!
    I am hungry, and my mother starts on dinner soon.
    Hi there, I'm the Christmas Delibird (or some other Chirtmas-ish pokemon)

    What's up?
    Dude! That's a beast! When I was 16 I was having "one of those days!" I was playing D&D and looked at my friends and announced that, "I really need to hit something!"

    Got a call from my girlfriend (crying), before she could tell me what was wrong... Mom disconnected the phone! I went off. Dangled her from her Larynx for a minute. Went downstairs and kicked our pool table... which was against a wall! Didn't break anything but man my leg FELT 2" shorter for a week!

    SO what did spur you to assault an inanimate object for that mass?
    Can't say I do. What is a Blanket Box... besides the box a blanket is in while in the store ;)

    Bummer, broken digits suck. I've fractured a few fingers thanks to Martial Arts training, but never a toe thankfully.

    Yeah she's back on her feet, I told her to keep taking it easy and build back up to her normal work load. I have years of experience dealing with a bad back. I learned just how stressed she is in the few weeks she was down. Reminded me that I'm supposed to be helping out keeping the house clean! She is enjoying the results of my epiphany ;)
    Wife's getting better. 2 1/2 weeks being laid up in bed from a bad back, sucks (I know!). Otherwise we all doing pretty good.

    Sucks about your toe dude. See a doc, get something good to ease the pain! How'd you break it if I may ask?
    i'll just let it pass.... im sure he has his reason not telling me.
    besides, i am in the middle of getting over him anyways
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