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  • ....Nevermet ships aren't bad, are they? It's the only reason that people can speculate about Ash's father, yeah?
    BTW, I just noticed that although Durant's your favorite Pokemon, you don't have one on your team.
    Where did you get it? How does it fit? o,o
    It's a good name, yes. But i just don't see it on a Chandelure :S
    It would be awesome on Golduck, though...
    I'll steal it for my Platinum Golduck xD
    Because ever since 1978 I've held a not-so-secret crush on Phil Oakey, the lead singer. His early music is focking amazing, and even now it's pretty awesome, but after the introduction of the girls (Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall) it's kind've gotten lovey dovey most of the time.
    As for Flame_Mistress, she's hatin' 'cause I publicy stated my dislike of Dialga x Palkia out of my discomfort with the idea of two large as fock ancient dinosaurs who are probably siblings (Arceus created them both, yanno) mating. And she thinks that Alexandrianshipping's bad.
    I'm teaching myself how to talk like someone from Sheffield.
    How, you ask? Why, by listening to copious amounts of The Human League!
    I am Emmet and sometimes my bruder asks me to suck his.....duck. Why does he ask such things? <---- I troll as Emmet with that line all the time on Omegle, with high amounts of success.

    Hey, if it makes any difference it's my second favorite attraction, having recently beat the Battle Pike.
    You and I. Together through the tunnels. Towards the light~
    Well, it would have been fnu, yes xP
    I will contact you if Wifi works here someday~
    I focking love the Subway.....but it's inferior to the Battle Hall.
    10 battles instead of the usual seven, and a MILF for a Matron? Yes please!
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